Speaking of Snow…

We went to the mall last night with the hopes of seeing Santa. The timing didn’t work out but Declan was more than happy to just play on the oversized squishy breakfast food they have there and wait in the Santa line some other day.

But, we did walk past Santa. And Declan waved to him and he waved back. Dex was pretty excited about that.

Big improvement from 2 years ago, where Declan thought Santa was evil incarnate… and even from last year, where we did get Declan to sit on his lap and smile for the camera – but it was one of those “I am about to cry, but I am smiling because I want to be a good boy, but hurry the fuck up because I am REALLY freaked out here” type smiles.

In the past, the mall has had a huge Christmas tree that was 2 stories and you went inside it to see Santa. There was a whole workshop inside the tree and a huge sled that Santa would sit in and wait for you. Very impressive.

This year, Disney enticed them to sell out in a big way, and they have these snow globes from the Narnia movie. In of itself, it sounds cool and supposedly we are the only installment of this display in the country (we are often a test market for stuff since we are a medium size city with slices of all ethnicities). But here is the thing, the billboards make the snow globe thing look totally amazing. I was expecting it to be so wonderful.

It was not.

It looked totally cheesy, small in scale, and plastic-ey. And Santa is just sitting outside on a bench. Which was nice for Declan to be able to see him and wave to him as we walk by – but such demotion for the big guy.

What a disappointment!

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