Jeff and Danielle met us at Café Berlin this evening and I think we all ate enough to feed a small African village. But everything was so good, I just couldn’t say no, could I? And after späztle appetizer, cucumber salad, jägerschnitzel, dumplings and red cabbage – those crazy Germans at Café Berlin brought me a shot of apple schnaps to top of my Day-Before-Turning-36-Celebration. Yeah, that was damn good too.

Oh, and look! – we finally got a cute photo of Danielle and I together. (I am ordering enlargements as we speak.)

Below was after my food and drinks. I was ready to just slither under the table and take a nap. But I had just told Declan he wasn’t allowed to play under there – so a nap was out.

Declan digs Jeff so much, he insisted that Jeff take him potty, and Jeff watch him perform the Wiggles for 20 minutes straight, and Jeff teach him to tie the ribbon from my present in about 50 different ways. (I believe this was part of Jeff’s birthday present to me.)

Jeff and Danielle gave me a lovely sarong from the Cook Islands and a lavendar wreath for my birthday. The look on my face below is not showing dislike for my present – it is showing I am being choked by the sarong as we attempt the 75 variations of styles that demonstrated on the accompanying card.

And finally, we got home and had some yummy cake. I was tipped off about the cake by my secret informer – who, for the second year in a row, has screamed the minute he saw me, “Mommy – we got you a CAKE for your birthday! It’s supposed to be a surprise!”

I am still filled to the gills with delicious food, wonderful family and friends. What a nice way to head into 36.

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