Sushi Virgin

My college roommate Marabeth is in town from Wyoming for an occupational therapy conference. She brought along two colleagues and they are all staying with me… because, of course, it is the law that when Marabeth crosses the Colorado/Wyoming border – I get to see her! So, I have met two new friends, Terry and Kathy – who are sweet as can be.

They arrived yesterday evening and the main goal was to get to the Anthropologie, the Tattered Cover and have something “exotic” for dinner. I said, “Well, how about sushi, then?” Dead silence.

After some coaxing, they agreed to it and we stopped at one of my favorite places in Cherry Creek – Sushi Tazu. We all shared sushi of the wussy variety (because, seriously – I like sushi but I am definitely part of the “I Don’t Eat Raw Tentacles” Club)… California roll, spring rolls, dumplings, miso soup, edemame… Yum. I did have some raw tuna too, which is the one just-dead-but-not-cooked fish I actually enjoy.

And I have to give Terry and Kathy major props because they tried everything and even enjoyed quite a bit of it.

Then we headed to the mall for some Anthropoligization. OK, can I vent here for a second? I love that store and it has some the of cutest clothes and home décor on the planet. But could they hook a big sister up? All the sizes are literally 8 or below. Big girls buy expensive clothes too! And I’m not that big anymore!

One of my favorite moments of the night was when we had to tell the Anthropologie ladies who had the chain link gate down and locked that one of our party was still inside their dressing room. Poor Kathy might have had to spend the night amongst all those cute clothes. At least most of them would have fit her.

And then we hit Tattered Cover… Which moves to it’s new location in 47 days. I have mixed feelings about the move. I mean, they revamped a decrepit theater for the new space… so that part is cool. But hello? – Cherry Creek without the huge-ass Tattered Cover store? That is definitely high on the weird-o-meter.

And then we got home around 10:30 and I was too tired to play my tape of American Idol. But – gasp! Chris is gone? I swear that 4th place spot is cursed. First Tamyra Gray, then Latoya London and now Chris Daughtry. But hey, let’s look on the bright side. The leprechaun may actually have a chance to take this thing! Woo hoo!

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