The band Liily - Interview

Interview with Liily

Recently, I loved getting to online chat with Dylan and Charlie from the band Liily to talk about their new music, their new direction, and playing Miley Cyrus' New Year's Eve Party. The band heads out with FIDLAR later this month (dates below) but they promised…
FIDLAR Concert Photos Denver 2018

FIDLAR at Gothic Theatre

When the security guys in the pit are getting pumped for a show, you know it's gonna be good. With crowd surfing and a whole lot of people rocking out. That's what went down when FIDLAR took over The Gothic in Denver last month. I…
FIDLAR concert photos from Gothic Theatre Denver

FIDLAR and SWMRS Concert at Gothic Theatre

I've seen FIDLAR once before, at a small club, and the crowd was raucous. But their November 2016 show at the Gothic Theatre with SWMRS was way different. Bordering on out of control - in a good way. Perhaps it was angst over the recent…

FIDLAR in Denver

I love how we have so many different kinds of concert venues here in Denver, that support all kinds of music. When I go to the Marquis, it's almost always guaranteed to be a raucous rock show. FIDLAR came to town recently and blew the place open. As in, one of those times when the whole crowd was so into it that the walls shook. This is a good thing.