The Suffers

Treefort Music Festival 2019 - Photos and Review - Boise, Idaho

Treefort Music Festival 2019 Photos

After I attended Treefort Music Festival in 2017, I swore I would return. It was (and still is) one of the most well-organized music festivals I have ever attended - and hooray! - the music was phenomenal. But Treefort isn't just about music. There are…
The Suffers - Concert Photos from Levitt Denver

The Suffers + Other Black at Levitt Pavilion

"What's our name?!" THE SUFFERS. "Where are we from?" HOUSTON. It's a shout-out that lead singer Kam Franklin repeats all through their show, to make sure we know what is going down on stage. This band's love for their hometown definitely took on a sense…
The Suffers - Concert Photos Denver

The Suffers at Fillmore Auditorium Denver

It's funny how you discover bands sometimes. I first saw The Suffers play their song "Peanuts" on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah and fell in love. What's even "funnier" is when all their other songs are even more amazing than the single (example: "Make Some…