Treefort Music Festival 2019 - Photos and Review - Boise, Idaho

Treefort Music Festival 2019 Photos

After I attended Treefort Music Festival in 2017, I swore I would return. It was (and still is) one of the most well-organized music festivals I have ever attended – and hooray! – the music was phenomenal. But Treefort isn’t just about music. There are several different “Forts” for different tastes – the Ale, Comedy, Film, Food, Hack, Kid, Story and Yoga Forts would keep anyone busy when they are not running around to nearly 30 venues trying to see over 450 bands.

Sadly for me, I walked into Treefort with a horrendous cold and didn’t get to nearly as many sets as I would have liked. I ended up on antibiotics and sleeping late quite a bit, but that is a fun way to travel sometimes too. Boise definitely takes care of visitors with wonderful food and hospitality.

The bands I did photograph were tremendous. I can’t tell you how long I have wanted to see Liz Phair and she delivered, walking out with a stream of curses that any rock chick would be proud of. I made it for Denver faves Slow Caves and Wildermiss – and also discovered new (to me) bands like Naked Giants.

Other highlights included Boise hometown heroes Built To Spill, Houstonites The Suffers and band whose recent Denver show was so pitch black I had to dump my photos of them, Mt. Joy. (Redemption in daylight is sweet, my friends!)

Treefort prides themselves on being inclusive, and there were signs around asking you to call if there was any behavior that made you uncomfortable. I never had anything even near that, but it was nice to feel protected while we were celebrating art and music for five days.

I said it before and I’ll say it again – Thanks Treefort, I’ll be back!

Treefort Music Festival 2019 Photos

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