Thanks so much.

We have had an absolute flood of email and voice messages about Rio. It really makes us feel great to have such supportive family and friends.

We are doing OK today – but it sure is strange not to have that little fuzzball around.

Declan finally noticed she wasn’t here today… and Bryan and he talked about how Rio’s body wasn’t here any more, but her spirit lives in our heart. Declan told me about it over dinner this evening – and he also told me he would “remember her in his brain.” And that “her fur would always tickle him up there (pointing to his head).” Yes, I about started balling.

Also, we thought you all would enjoy hearing/seeing Declan’s first ever voicemail message, left for him by his friend Sophia, who is almost 4 years old. You’ll need QuickTime, but check it out:


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