The 11th Hour

Coming this Friday. Visit (and enter) the movie web site too. It’s incredibly robust.

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  1. Sarah

    That looks wicked awesome.

  2. Catherine

    Thanks for the link, Aimee. I loved learning, as I scrolled through their What You Can Do list, that I knew most of that information. What scares me is how many people DON’T know. Or maybe just don’t care. I work with them. AND I’M IN THE FIELD OF NATURAL RESOURCES CONSERVATION! Argh, don’t get me started.

  3. aimee / greeblemonkey

    I know Catherine, it is scary. But what really looks interesting to me about the movie is the focus on solutions and new ideas! I really want to see it for that!

  4. sue

    I’ve seen ads for this… I hope it comes to town.

  5. Melissa

    Yeah, it looks really good. Plus Leonardo Di Caprio – Hello? When did he go from being dorky to way hot???

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