The After Party

It’s weird to have your child two months early. Nevermind all the drama. For Type A people like me, you basically are just, in two words: NOT READY.

My pal Mayberry Mom talked about the strangeness of sharing “the news” when you have a c-section, that you get a bit disconnected from the moment. I share her sentiment, and stretch it even further since I was unconscious for my news, and then friends had to scramble to have a baby shower for us once I recovered from the c-section. Talk about weird.

There you are, still fat but no baby in your belly, said baby still in the NICU, and tons of friends over at the house to celebrate the baby that shouldn’t even be there.

Not that I am bitter, or didn’t have a great time, it was just, in one word: SURREAL.

My favorite of the party games was when my best friend Danielle pulled out all sorts of crepe and wrapping paper, and all the women decorated their balloon-stuffed and bellied men as pregnant ladies. Bryan and I got to judge. The winner? My dentist dressed as Carmen Miranda.

So totally awesome.

Even more awesome? Friends coming out to help ease our strain and worry for an afternoon. Friends helping us get the nursery together when we were totally unprepared. And finally, finally, that little kid coming home from the NICU.

That was another *awesome* party.

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  1. Mayberry

    Awww! It sounds like you have some wonderful friends. You need to break out some photos from that event … I’m sure your dentist wouldn’t mind AT ALL.

  2. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I actually went looking on my computer and I don’t have any. May need to go to the PAPER archives. ūüėČ

  3. Hip Mom's Guide

    Oh, I totally think that would be worth a dig through the old archives. PAPER, imagine?!

  4. megan

    I bet that was a really weird feeling.

  5. Laura

    definitely weird.
    even weirder to have a kid 4 months early. but it is good to have good friends to see you through it all. we were blessed by such good friends too through the 4 1/2 months in the nicu for our little guy. i actually can treasure those tenuous days because of their love and support.
    i love the description of the pregnant carmen miranda dentist. i do hope you find a pic to share.

  6. Rhiannon

    I have to remember this – my coworker may be having very preemie twins soon and I think she’d love this.

  7. Anonymous

    you have nice friends.

  8. nutmeg

    Pictures of the dentist please. Only The Divine Greeble would have her dentist at her baby shower.

  9. Sarah O.

    Happy slightly belated 6th to Declan, you and Bryan!

    I had weird births with both of my kids – maybe surreal births are the secret to having great kids!

  10. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

    Since I knew I was having twins and we figured they would be early I ended up having my shower at 26 weeks. It is a good thing I did too because I ended up living in the hospital a week later.

    You know what else is surreal about preemies? (I know you do, this is for the other people) When their due date rolls around and they are like two month old.

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