The Bitch Is Back

And just in time for BlogHer.

Remember how, about 6 months ago, I had a REALLY REALLY REALLY bad attack of adult acne? Here is the proof, if you need to see it. Even though it turns my stomach to look at those photos.

At least this time, it’s not as bad.

Well, kinda.

I have returned to antibiotics, salicylic washes, retin-a, microderms, EVERYTHING.

Even cyst injections. She shot my face 7 times today. SEVEN.

But she promised I was on the mend again, that it was turning around.

I hope so. We get on a plane tomorrow, leaving for Maryland to spend some time with family before taking the train up to New York for BlogHer. The plan is for my hubby and I to come on the BlogHer party pass, attend parties, see friends, and go sightseeing during the day. Have a conferencacation.

Point being. We’ll be there.

And if you see me, and I am covered in red bumps, it’s still me.


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  1. Miss Britt

    Oh that is just freaking CRUEL.

    But yay for you being there!

  2. Tickled Red

    Oh my! I have shot phobia so you are a much braver woman than me. I am so sorry that you had to endure that. I will actually be in town but going to Big Summer Potluck. Hope to bump into you 🙂

  3. amanda

    Mmm, that doesn’t seem fair. Here’s to a cleansing few days that help it pass sooner!

  4. Leslie

    That is the worst… but accutane although controversial is the best drug in the world. It works.

  5. Megan

    YUCK! You poor thing.

  6. Anonymous

    Don’t touch your face! It causes major havok!!!

  7. the slackmistress

    Yikes. I feel your pain. I’ve had those shots. NOT FUN.

  8. Jessie

    I am breaking out right now too – my guess is stress. Still is a bummer. I hope that yours clears up and you have a fabulous time at BlogHer!

  9. Burgh Baby

    You just have to love the timing of it all, don’t you? I always break out just in time for this sort of thing, which means any minute now it’ll start. Urgh!

    Hopefully we’ll cross paths at Blogher!

  10. Schmutzie

    I am having quite the resurgence myself right now. We’ll be a matched set!

  11. Steve

    That sucks!

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