The New Year Brings New Music! Come Comment to Win A Greeblemix Music CD!

So life begins again for real this week, eh? Most people go back to work if they have been off, and most kids go back to school (THANK YOU SWEET BABY JESUS.) It’s been a lovely holiday, but I am kind of ready for routine, and my son is CERTAINLY ready.

Are YOU ready for some new music?

Here’s how you enter:


1. Comment as often as you like, up until midnight THURSDAY, JANUARY 6, 2011.
2. No anonymous comments.
3. Winners from last month, please take a month off.
4. Then, FRIDAY MORNING, I will use to randomly select three winners. Three free mix CDs for three winners!
5. Winners must be willing to give me their snail mail to send the CD. If you don’t send me your address, I can’t send the CD. (And please be patient, I usually take *at least* a week or two!)
6. No need to have to have a blog to enter. We are equal opportunity around here.

Check out the types of Mix CD’s that previous winners have received.

What did you do for New Year’s Eve?

Did you make and New Year’s Resolutions?

Do you think 2011 will be better or worse than 2010?

Please note that the contest ends January 6th. The Epiphany. And according to my mom, the day you must have all your Christmas decorations down by, or you will have bad luck all year long.


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  1. 3jaysmom

    Oh my! I never knew about the bad luck after the 6th… I must make sure I get my decorations put away! I can’t afford another bad year!!

    That said, I had the best New Years Eve! I spent it with my 2 year old grandson! (Of course, we didn’t make it til midnight!) Just lived in the moment, and there is nothing better!

    No specific resolutions here (I generally break them quickly), however, I am hoping to do some soul cleansing and a lot of learning!

    Happy New Year, Aimee! Thanks for sharing your life with us!!

  2. Bob

    Decorations down 12/26… I don’t hang around in the stadium after the game is over, either.

  3. Shari

    I rang in the New Year at a local hole in the wall bar and had my daughter be my DD and take me home. 🙂

    I took my tree and decorations down on New Years Eve DAY! I had to put them up in early November for photos shoots. I am glad to hear I will not be cursed with bad luck with the decoration thingy either. Shew.

    I think 2011 will be better than 2010. I mean things can get better. Oh and.. my step daughter got engaged so hopefully the wedding will be this year!

    Oh Hannah (6 years old) was so excited to go back to school that she couldn’t fall asleep until after 11 pm! She also is a routine kinda girl as is her grandma!

  4. alison

    Cripes sake! So much pressure for the 6th! Will 2011 be better than 2010? I hesitate to doom or elevate so early on. 2010 was pretty okay.

    Resolutions? Made too many last year that I’m still reeling from the (partial… only partial) failure there. I did manage to start flossing regularly. So there’s that 🙂 Maybe I’ll try to eat at home more. We go out too much. Except that I love to go out!

    Regardless, I feel like I’m gonna try like heck to make 2011 the best year ever. For sure.

    Happy new year, Aimee!

  5. Fruitlady

    For New Year’s Eve we stayed home and watched movies with Ciaran and Liam. It was so nice to spend some quiet time with just them. At midnight we put on hats, blew on the noise makers and popped confetti all over the basement. Then we turned off the movie and went to bed.

  6. Fruitlady

    I didn’t make any resolutions but I made some plans and I’ve started putting them into action already. I tendered my resignation at my job today as a booming start. On to set up the studio in the basement! Woot!

  7. Fruitlady

    One thing I’ve learned is that things can always be better and always be worse so for 2011 I’m going to set my intention to be gentle with myself and others and appreciate everything I do have a little bit more.

  8. Julie {Angry Julie Monday}

    A real live CD, love it!! I think some new music is a fab way to start the new year!

  9. Linda

    What did you do for New Year’s Eve?
    Put my son to bed at 7, and he woke up all night. It was less fun and more frustrating.

    Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?
    The usual—get healthy, lose weight, blah blah blah. The other is to finish my last five classes for my Masters ASAP. By December would be optimal!

    Do you think 2011 will be better or worse than 2010?
    We had a bad 2010 and lost three people in and close to the family. I am banking on 2011 to be better with the hope that my son walks in the next month or two. He’d be and I’d be a LOT happier about that. (Read: My arms would be a lot happier about that!)

  10. velocibadgergirl

    In my family, we never took them down before Epiphany. Maybe it’s a Catholic thing? I usually try to have mine down by the weekend after New Year’s, so they might not be gone by Thursday, but they should be by Sunday. I definitely want them packed up before my son’s birthday on the 15th!

  11. mayberry

    We are all totally unChristmafied around here. My husband was in serious purge/trash/organize mode this weekend. Like WATCH OUT OR YOU’RE GONNA BE ON THE CURB.

  12. Annie

    What did you do for New Year’s Eve?
    Not much…

    Did you make and New Year’s Resolutions?
    I’m trying to reclaim my passion this year…

    Do you think 2011 will be better or worse than 2010?
    Damn well better be better. There’s no reason for any year to not be better than the one before it…

    WILL YOU? They’re already gone because we didn’t have any this year. Our 7-month-old terrier is quite adept at getting into anything and everything, so we decided not to risk it this year.

  13. Rick Ramos

    I spent New Years Eve celebrating with my girlfriend and two best friends. It was a wonderful, night with the three most important people to me in Denver.

    I made no resolutions however I am trying to figure out how to impose resolutions on others.

    Every year of my life has been better then the last. Although I have had truly bad things happen to me in a 12 month course, I can not say I’ve ever had a bad year. I am looking forward to 2011 with strength and confidence.

  14. Joey

    – What did you do for New Year’s Eve?

    Dec. 31 is my father-in-law’s birthday, so we celebrated that. We also re-watched Inception, which ended just in time for us to ring in the new year. But, of course, it was bitterly cold that night, and we didn’t hear a single firework in the neighborhood. (Which is probably a good thing within the limits of cold, dry Denver.)

    – Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?

    I didn’t, but I have some ideas rolling around in my head like loose bric-à-brac in the trunk of a car.

    “Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.” ~Mark Twain

    – Do you think 2011 will be better or worse than 2010?

    I didn’t have a bad 2010, but it seems like a lot of people did. I hope that 2011 works out better for all of them, and I’ll happily accept another nice, even year for myself if possible.

    – (From Twitter:) And tell me if you’ll have Xmas decorations down by Jan 6th?

    I worked last week, but Diana took the week off and had all the decorations down by the Monday after Christmas. Is it time to put the Halloween decorations up yet?

  15. monstergirlee

    For NYE we went to a friend’s house for chili and food and drinks. Home by 9:00, missed NYE but I did kiss Hubby when I came to bed.

  16. monstergirlee

    I am starting a 365 project. I decided having a theme would serve me well so I’m photographing dinner every night, whether I cook it or order it, it’ll be featured on my new wordpress blog. (which I can barely make work so far)

  17. monstergirlee

    But I’m going to lose 20 pounds in 3 months (which is healthy according to our new Wii Fit), And start every day with a good attitude.
    Those are my resolutions. So far.

  18. monstergirlee

    I can only hope that 2011 will be better than ’10. Basically, how can it not?

  19. chloebear

    christmas decs already down. Watched VH-1 top 40 video. Opened champagne drank only 1.5 glasses & tossed the rest – hubby doesn’t like the stuff. Then fell asleep 15 minutes before midnight on the couch!

    Oh well, better luck next year!

  20. EatPlayLove

    I invited some friends over for dinner and before I knew it, it turned into a dinner party on NYE! First party in my new house, which was just awesome.

    Resolutions, no. Hmmm… maybe I will resolve to win a Greeblemonkey mix in 2011.

    2011 is going to kick ass!

  21. yourcashierhatesyou

    I spent new years eve having one of those dramatic secret-revealing evenings in a Dunkin Donuts with my best friend. Then, we walked to the center of our town where they were dropping a ball for 2011.
    My resolution this year is to just take things one day at a time, and to just deal with life as it happens. It’s been a struggle, but we’re getting there.

    I’m hoping 2011 will be better. I can do this.

    (Also, I’m new to actually regularly updating a blog (runs off to update some more), but the one I call home right now is

  22. Kelly

    Ha! The Epiphany. Nice one. All decorations are down.
    I just had to ask my BF what we watched on NYE, cause I couldn’t remember..Duh. Stoopid South Carolina football game, where they failed miserably!
    I have blogged and tweeted my displeasure with 2010, and am very much looking forward to a new start and “Better” things in the new year. Starting with my job!
    No real resolutions. Just to have better in my life this year.
    Happy New Year, and hopefully Happy New Music!!

  23. .E.

    for the first time in years we went to a friends house for new years eve.. typically we just stay in and watch movies with the kids.. a good friend of mine who invites us every year was shocked when we said we would come.. i am glad we went it was kid friendly.. not too many drunks and everyone had a good time..

  24. monstergirlee

    Hi, its the 2nd day back to school and we’re already struggling with a sassy no-homework doing boy. Ugh.

  25. monstergirlee

    Yeah, I haven’t won a greeblemix in several months so I’m working it this month.

  26. Meghann

    I need to add to my Greeblemix collection. 😉

    We had a nice New year’s, just us and the kids. We snacked, we hung out, we played with fire. Good times!

    We also take down the decorations on Epiphany. We have the wise men make it to the manger, we have a nice dinner as a family, and then have a little party taking everything down together. A nice end to the 12 days of Christmas!

  27. Meghann

    Kind of sad that the 12 days of Christmas is mostly dead here in the U.S. The whole Christmas creep thing, with stores putting up stuff in October probably isn’t helping.

  28. monstergirlee

    Back from Tae Kwon Do. And I’m hurt. Again. Hurt my foot in a take-down self-defense move. Frikken hurts.
    Adding another comment. ‘Cause I want another greeblemix. btw- just told my damn iMac to learn the spelling of greeblemix.

  29. Mimi McMe

    2011 will most certainly be better. I am 100% positive it will.

    Christmas is down. This is the first year it actually did feel like Christmas down here in Florida. I had to wear socks for almost 2 weeks straight. I was sooo ready to put that stuff away.

  30. monstergirlee

    My resolve to not get hurt at Tae Kwon Do was broken last night. Just call me Gimpy. grrr….

  31. robin

    I went to bed before midnight on new year’s eve. Yes, maybe I am old.
    No resolutions. I’ve found they never actually work. I have goals, yes, but they are ongoing, not specific to Jan. 1.
    Will it be a better year? Hmmm. Well, yes, because my last child will be born this year. And hopefully, because I’m hoping I’ll actually land a job this year. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    I got my decorations down by the 27th!

  32. Linda

    It must be a Catholic thing, because my husband deemed today The Day All Decorations Must Be Down. He went to an ethnic Catholic school, I shortly attended one that was more Doomsday than anything. We were too concerned with evvvvvvvvil to worry about decorations, I guess 🙂

  33. monstergirlee

    The house didn’t look bare for long, the clutter has started to creep back in. Bleck.

  34. Meghann

    I’m drinking a pepsi. I should be doing something more productive, but I’m not.

    Tonight is the big Epiphany dinner and take down party! The wise men in our house are almost to the manger, they’ll get there before dinner. 🙂

  35. Mary Lynn

    We had a New Years’ Party at a friends house. There were lots of families with kids aged 7 and under. The kids had a blast running about while the adults visited. Was great. We celebrated New Years at 9:00 pm, then headed home a while later to get the kids to bed and then quietly celebrate actual midnight.

    I haven’t really made any resolutions, though I’d like to start going to the gym again. I guess that is a resolution, LOL. I just don’t want to call it that.

    So far 2011 has not started off very well. Our whole family has had the flu, with fever, chills, coughs. BAH. But I am ever the optimist. I still say 2011 is going to be better that 2010.

  36. Sarah

    I have decided to no longer make new year’s resolutions. An artificial time marker with a stretch wish isn’t likely to succeed. Instead, I’m making quiet intentions to myself. Besides, there’s good evidence that publicly stating your intention to make a change gives you the same endorphin burst as succeeding. So, I’m going to hold back, keep quiet, and enjoy that endorphin burst when Ive earned it 🙂

  37. radapunk

    What a great resource!


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