The Night I Fell On My Face For The Pioneer Woman (And Greeblemix Winners!)

So. You may know of a little web site called The Pioneer Woman– yes? Well, Ree just published a cookbook and has been taking the country by storm on a book tour. As evidenced by the massive turnout here in Denver this week. I have friends in her home state of Oklahoma, so I knew it would be crowded.


But I guess I just wasn’t prepared for the HUGENESS of that crowd up close and in person. People were packed in, lined up the stairs on both sides of the room, and out of the Tattered Cover.


We were lucky to find a space to stand at the back of the room just before they stopped allowing people in.


And while Bryan doesn’t take down cattle like Marlboro Man, he gets mega points for attending such an estrogen-filled event with me. [P.S. Declan read the entire new Diary of a Wimpy Kid while we were there too.]


Ree did a quicky talk and then went on to Q and A. You may remember that Ree and I have actually met in person before and I helped beta test the Tasty Kitchen site – but I was still quite impressed with her eyesight when she recognized me from across that big ole room as I asked my question. (Thanks Ree!)


The night was an interesting experience for me (and it gets interesting-er… wait for it)… It is amazing watching a megastar of the blogging world achieve her dreams, living this amazing life with her amazing family and yet – I was just so overwhelmed by the scene.


I have talked before about struggling for balance… between my family, my work, and this blog. Lately I have been a bit out of balance and as I sat and waited for my turn for Ree to sign my book, I kept ruminating mistakes I have made lately in this area. Places I could have trimmed back, or gone further, or whatever I needed to do to find that balance again.

My family had left at 9:30, well past Declan’s bedtime and I decided – at 10:30, with the line looking at least several more hours long – that I really needed to be home. As much as I love Ree, I needed to be home.

So, I left.

And as I was walking out to catch a cab (have I mentioned living in central Denver rocks?), I was reaching back into my very heavy photo bag and caught my very clumsy foot on uneven concrete.

Face, meet surface of the earth.

At about 50 miles per hour.

Here is the collateral damage:

Don’t worry, I am healing nicely.

And the look on Bryan’s face when I walked in was priceless. Almost worth it. ALMOST.

But, I did a lot of thinking the rest of that fateful night. So, if you miss me on here, you know where I will be.

With my family.


THUS…. I am combining posts this week, and being a general all-around slacker. Please forgive me and enjoy the music.

WINNERS of the November Greeblemix CD Contest:

#5 Michelle Mallory
#19 Wenderina
#11 Melissa

Winners, send your snail mail to aimee at greeblemonkey dot com!

November by Echo & The Bunnymen
Lions by The Features
Not Even Human by Angel Taylor
All of the Fire by Acrylics
Everything Is Shattering by Maps
Ever Fallen In Love by Buzzcocks
Cool Yourself by Thao
Dear Jack by Jack’s Mannequin
Let’s Stay Together by Al Green
That Western Skyline by Dawes
All We Want, Baby, Is Everything by Handsome Furs
I Try by Ben Taylor
The Riddle by Five for Fighting
Walkabout (With Noah Lennox) by Atlas Sound
Feel It All Around by Washed Out
Into the Mirror by Minus the Bear
When the Rainbow Comes by World Party
Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful by Seabird
Hundred Hearts by The Swimmers
This City by The Chemists


Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend!

P.S. Full Flickr set of Pioneer Woman pics here.

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  1. zenrain

    OW!! The very same thing happened to another friend here this week! YIKES!! I’m so sorry, hope you get some good rest this weekend 😉 xoxoxo, MB



    Take care.

  3. Bryan

    While I get to enjoy the Aimee’s company, how about a game for you? There is a cake hidden in one of these photos.

    We are looking for Ree’s cake,
    We are looking for Ree’s cake,
    We are looking for Ree’s cake,
    Because we really like cake.
    A lot.

    It’s really tough to see, but it’s there! On a high book shelf, on a white plate. With the cake on it. See?

  4. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Ha ha – I forgot to ask people to look for the cake!! YES! Look for that awesome cake!

  5. zipper

    WHOAH. That’s incredible. Feel better soon.

  6. Lauren

    wow. great pics as always! I understand the balance issue and I don’t even blog. It always seems like you have so much going on. take it easy! (and I love PW!)

  7. mamabirdsblog

    Oh no! I’m hurting just thinking about it. Sounds like one of those nights that would be so disappointing if it weren’t for the fact that you know that at least it will make for good blog fodder. And you did get called on by NAME! There’s that. I think you should get a signed copy in the mail at least!

    I like how you describe the thought process you went through while standing in that line. I’m so proud of you for walking away! You’ve given those of us also struggling with finding balance permission to do the same.

    Heal quickly, my friend!

  8. Wenderina

    Selfish bitch. Me, not you. I scrolled to the bottom of your post first and was so excited to be a winner that I immediately jumped to gmail to get my snail mail out to you. Then I came back and scrolled up. Poor you. Watch that balance! (of all kinds)

  9. Wenderina

    Oh and I totally don’t see the cake. Do tell.

  10. Jack

    Holy cow. You done good, kid.

  11. Debbie E

    oh my ,,heal quickly!and ENJOY the family time!!!

  12. michelleamallory

    Weeee, I can’t believe I finally won!! So excited! Thank you so much- I am so ready to be turned on to some new tunes. I hope your head heals quickly and I cannot find that damn cake anywhere! 😉 Thanks again!

  13. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Kelly is right! The cake is in photo #08 on the shelf above a guys head. It was a chocolate cake.

  14. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    And WOW – holy observant on the iPod book cover!!!!!!

  15. thatgirlblogs

    I have fallen like that more times than I’d like to mention… that HURTS. feel better soon ;(

  16. Catherine

    Wow, that is some fall. But awesome pics. So jealous you got to see Pioneer Woman.

  17. Melissa

    OMG – That looks so painful – Please take care of yourself. And enjoy your family. 😀 PS – I am going to see Ree on the 16th. If you want to send me your book, I will get it signed for you!!!

  18. carrie

    Oh honey!

    I completely get this – completely, although not on such a grand scale as you, but even for little wee bloggers like myself you have to evaluate once in awhile…set your sights on the priorities that matter most: FAMILY.

    And man, if Ree doesn’t fly to your house and autograph your book for all of your pain, I’ll email her and ask her to for ya! (Not that she has any idea who I am, but hey…it can’t hurt).

    You be better.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  19. Deb

    I hear ya sister. Sucks that the universe gives us concrete slaps once in a while, but they do get our attention.

  20. Kelly

    Oh Man! That totally sucks. I’m sorry you broke your face!
    Totally jealous that you got to see Ree. I hope she comes here.
    I went looking for the cake, (I LOVE cake too!) I see what looks like a plate in Ree_08 above the dude’s head. But I doubt that’s it. I don’t know what Ree’s cake looks like, so… lol
    What I DID see tho, in Ree_03, is a book whose cover is an iPod! I thought that was cool. (Between the 2 blonde ladies in the back. (white iPod)
    That was fun.
    I hope you feel better soon!

  21. gonzomama

    holy moly.
    that’s one hell of a wake up and spend less time on the computer call. i feel like i should thank you for taking one for the team. sometimes we all need to heed that call.

    i hope you heal up quickly and that you are not in too much pain. you look great considering!! get some rest.

  22. dawn

    aimee! eGAD! i don’t think your face and the earth are very good friends, no? feel better soon and watch out for concrete. xo

  23. Gina

    I can’t believe that!!!! But the mix this month looks great if that is any consolation.

  24. monstergirlee

    Owie! Poor thing.
    I hope you heal up fast.

  25. Isabel @AlphaMom

    oh sweetie. I am soooo sorry. 🙁

    Hope you heal quickly.

  26. Julie @ The Mom Slant

    Whoa Aimee – OUCH! Really glad you’re okay.

    Ree is so inspiring. How neat that you guys went to see her!

  27. Urban Utopia Photography

    Hey you!! You, with the scraped everything!

    Way to go! 🙂 🙂

    all love and support. 🙂


  28. deespot

    Find that balance girl! LITERALLY!

  29. chloebear

    It was nice seeing you on Saturday and I would not have known you fell on your face unless you told me! AHH the young heal so fast:)

  30. Rachel Carlson

    hi aimee! just found you via a post on my blog – ha. i was so bummed that i missed out on ree. it was my hubby that told me about it 2 days later – ACK. and OH MY, those are some war wounds – you poor thing – all in the name of PW – OK, maybe not but still. hope you are healing nicely. how FUNNY – i too say ‘way for it’ – it’s a great element of suspense in my mind. take care!

  31. Chris

    Great pics – right up until you fell. Great points about balance in life – something we all need reminders on.

  32. Chris

    Great pics – right up until you fell. Great points about balance in life – something we all need reminders on.

  33. Rachel Carlson

    meant to say: ‘wait for it’ – duh.

    oops – i failed to mention that i am a master of falling – no, REALLY.

  34. Kelly

    It’s REALLY hard to hide cake from me! 🙂 LOL!

  35. Angie

    Love the mix (and pics!) as always – and GET WELL SOONG!

  36. Miranda

    Oh nooooos! Am stepping away from my lurking post to say how sorry I am about your fall. And wishing that I had scanned the crowd with more scrutiny so that I could have spotted you, come over and said, “Hi. I lurk on your blog.” Bummer. Also…bravo for taking breaks for familia.

  37. Anonymous

    I am so glad you went to see her. She is such an inspiration. I wish more bloggers could be like her.

  38. Ashleigh

    Dang girl. When you fall, YOU fall.

    Glad you’re ok and that you at leasr got to see Ree. She is awesome.

  39. keli.h

    i think i love you even more. putting family first can be a huge struggle for me sometimes, so you get huge points for making it a priority. xo

  40. habanerogal

    How awful for you with the injury and all. I too have been putting more of my energies into family and they even noticed. Glad it wasn’t worse

  41. Becky

    OMG! Glad you are ok. That balance thing is ridiculously hard. Once you figure it out, please share.

  42. Elaine Ellis

    Oh no, Aimee : ( I’m so sorry this happened to you. But your sense of humor makes it awesome.

  43. Jenny

    Oh my goodness! I realize this is an older post, so hopefully you are feeling better by now.

    Good for you for leaving to be with your family. Seriously, that rocks.

  44. Laurie

    Good LORD my Aimee Aimee. Be careful!

    I fell on my face in Denver after I left the blogging party where I saw you during the convention. So it’s another thing we have in common.

    Um, yeah, no consolation.

    Looking for a picture now…xo. 🙂

  45. Lynn @ Walking With Scissors

    Oh, you poor thing! Aside from a scraped wrist, the only bruise on me was my ego. You had a boatload of pain to go along with it. (Maybe you can milk it and forward this to Ree – she’d probably mail you an autograph to make up for your pain and suffering!)

  46. Anonymous

    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

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