The Regrettes - Denver Concert Photos

The Regrettes at Marquis Theater Denver

I was lucky enough to catch The Regrettes at Shaky Knees in Atlanta earlier this year, so I was thrilled when they visited us in Denver. It was a packed show, which is always fun at the Marquis because it feels like the whole place is shaking, right down the floors.

The Regrettes are fronted by the infectiously fun, yet incredibly strong Lydia Night. At some point in the evening she asked everyone who identified as male to step to the back of the crowd… and you could just smell the male fragility in the air. But the band didn’t give a shit – and played on to allow some young girls to get a taste for the mosh pit on their own.

The Regrettes released Further Joy this year and it’s just as good as their previous two albums. I can’t wait to see them again – and many of you may be able to next spring when they join Yungblud’s tour. As yet there is no Denver date for that one, but hopefully we’ll find other ways to get The Regrettes to come see us again very soon.

The Regrettes – Denver Concert Photos

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