The Runners Recap

It all started on a hot, muggy day in Iowa last summer. Gretchen ran her first marathon (which was hotter than the Chicago marathon, thank you very much) and was hooked. OK, well, she had a really hard time, seeing as it was 95 degrees – but she finished – and was willing to actually put on running shoes again after that. I call that hooked.

So, she and Teresa (a long time runner) started chatting about where they could maybe run together (Denver) and I just watched them and casually mentioned ideas (Denver) and then it came down to Kansas City and Denver and I promised if they made the right choice (Denver), I would make it worth their while.

They convinced our friend Anne to join them – and holy shit – I WAS BEING INVADED BY RUNNERS! Runners who are really good friends! WEEEEEE!


Saturday we picked up the official stuff, plus all the goodies they give away pre-raceday. Lucky for Gretchen, she opted NOT to pick up a free cowbell for Declan. Otherwise, she would have been sleeping on the curb.

Saturday night was carbo-load with Italian, and the Mothergoosemouse family. Check out Julie’s cute bump. No belly buttons in sight.

Gretchen used to be a model. It is not in her DNA to take a bad photo. And Julie has that cute mommy-to-be… but holy-crap-am-I-really-ready-for-three… and can-you-believe-this-one-is-a-boy “glow.”

I have this theory that if people “think gorgeous” while photos are being taken, they will BE GORGEOUS. Anne and Teresa have been highly schooled on this theory. So here they are, not only looking gorgeous, but about to crack up because I am yelling at them to THINK GORGEOUS in a very loud voice.

I like to call this one: “Ladies! Ladies! There is enough of The Declan to go around!”

Damn straight.

6am Race Day. Gonna rock this town. Very wetly.

The blur in red? That is Teresa. She ran by me so fast I barely caught her on film, err, pixels. And when I say fast – I mean SMOKIN’. Teresa set a personal best with this race at 1 hour, 55 minutes. That’s 63rd in her class. In the effing cold, dreary rain. Rock on Teresa, ROCK ON!

And Anne and Gretchen? They didn’t set a personal best, but they finished the race in under 3 hours. Notice the icicles coming from their noses? I literally had to drape them down to avoid hypothermia… Except Gretchen of course, WHO CAN’T TAKE A BAD PHOTO FREAKING EVER!!! But either way, Anne, Gretchen, I am bursting with pride at you guys too. Seriously. You are the wing beneath my wings. Because let’s face it, Teresa grew up here in Denver and its altitude. You guys stepped off the plane and ran 5,280 feet above sea level. Rock on, sisters.

And after the race, we had to go out for a nice meal and a massage. (*Sorry, no massage photos included.) And even though I did ZERO running, I jumped right on the massage bandwagon.

One last photo… the one where my son was yelling “give me your silly face” from the peanut gallery… (Maybe he has been too one to many of my photo shoots)… And as I mentioned before: GRETCHEN IS INCAPABLE OF TAKING A BAD PHOTO.

Thanks again for a wonderfully fun weekend, ladies. And congrats to ALL the runners in the Denver Marathon, it was seriously inspiring to watch you all.

Not that I mean I would actually RUN anywhere.

Just that I enjoyed watching you.

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  1. Tree

    I had the BEST TIME!!!!!!!!! Seriously! I had a great time and the weather was not that bad.

    OMG. Gretchen cannot take a bad photo, can she? Ever? Nope.

    Thank you so much for everything, Aimee, Bryan & Declan!

  2. MPPs Mom

    What a fun recap. Wish I could have been there. I am so very proud of T,A&G as well, and for Aimee’s team of cheerleaders!

  3. aimee / greeblemonkey

    MPP, you were totally missed. My cheerleading was totally not up to par without you.

  4. mothergoosemouse

    Holy crap – I’m so proud of all three ladies! That morning was wet and cold and dreary. And three cheers to you, Aimee – you braved the weather to cheer for everyone.

    I need one of those “sea level is for SISSIES” tees. Know where I can buy one?

  5. joansy

    Great recap and great photos. And those t-shirts are fantastic.

    And Aimee, thank you thank you thank you for the mix cd. It’s perfect.

  6. Gretchen

    An excellent time was had by all!

    Thanks so much for your amazing hospitality.

  7. Tree

    Jules – the Sea Level is for Sissies is from the local chapter of the Lymphoma & Leukemia Society Team in Training – they were selling longsleeved and short sleeved performance t’s at the runner’s expo. I loved it.

    As an aside – I used to be a complete altitude snob. I judged people based on what altitude they lived. When I lived in Durango, I lived at roughly 7500 ft and was in awe of a friend of mine who lived in Silverthorne.

  8. Nat

    Congrats tobhe runners!!! (Well done Tree — I am so not worthy.)

    Well done Aimee for not skipping the massage train… I love massage…

  9. Anne

    Awesome recap, Aimee! Thank you sooooo very much for you generous hospitality. You were amazing… before, during and after the race. You really did make the trip to Denver perfect for us. It could have been warmer and dryer, and I could have prepared a bit better than I did, but it overall, it was a resounding success, I think. I had a freaking fantastic weekend.

    You’re the best!

  10. monstergirlee

    Great write-up Aimee! And kind of inspiring too. I just re-upped my membership at the Y and its time to get off my ass and get running again. Dang it I will!

  11. monstergirlee

    uh-duh! And Congrats to the three runners- Running that well in that altitude is not easy – good for all of you!

  12. tiffany

    I’m with you. I admire runners so much, but save my own running for special occasions–like being chased by a bear or axe murderer.

  13. Kelly O

    Oh my word. Your friend Gretchen really is incapable of taking a bad photo. It’s the weirdest, most enviable super power evar.

    Congrats, runners!

  14. Alpha DogMa

    Fit Women are POWERFUL!

    Is Gretchen nice? Is she really smart and fun? Because I might hate her. Her and her fricken fracken beautiful face!


    Good job ladies!

  15. Sizzle

    i am inspired by runners too because bad knees and a big rack = no running for me. (good, cuz i also loathe running!) great pics- looks like a lot of fun for everyone. you’re so smart to jump on the massage bandwagon. 🙂

  16. Builder Mama

    Ah, what a great recap! I’m so glad you guys had a great time and that Gretchen, Tree and Anne did so well (especially considering the weather, blech).

    BTW, way to go on getting a massage too. It’s very important for the support team to properly recover from such an event.

  17. mopsy of lifenut

    Fun times! I saw something on the news about the marathon and thought of you and your running friends braving the cold day. Looks like it didn’t matter so much.

    …And where can I get that t-shirt?

  18. Denver Dad

    I looks like you’re flashing gang symbols in that last picture. I’m a little afraid.

  19. mayberry

    How fun is THAT! It alllllmost makes me want to start running. Not really. Congratulations to you runners, and you cheerers and photographers!

  20. chloebear

    Wish I could have met up with you all – you all seem like a great bunch of girls! Maybe next time. Great job on your accomplishment!

  21. carrie

    You guys are ALL awesome.

    What a great weekend for girl bloggers!

  22. chrissy

    I am not a runner but I really envy those that are. : ) Great job, ladies! It sounds like you were a great cheerleader and deserved the massage, too.

  23. sue

    Looks like tons of fun… except for the whole running thing, and the rain, um… and the cold. Yeah. I’d be the one with the blankets, hot cocoa and camera. 😉

  24. Anonymous

    Sea Level is for Sissies – found at — check out their store website.

  25. painted maypole

    hey, i don’t live at sea level. I live 13 inches above it. 😉

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