The Sarcasm Gene

Dex is off school so we let him sleep in, but just went in and woke him up for the day.

Me: Did you hear all that thunderstorming this morning???

Him: No, I was ASLEEEEP.

Me: Awwww, you got the sarcastic gene!!

Him: I don’t know WHOOO I would have got it from.

Dex Is The Champion
Photo from 2010

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  1. monstergirlee

    He’s a great kid.

  2. William

    He is awesome!

  3. Karen


  4. Anonymous

    He’s the greatest thing since apple pie. AND, I’m with him, who did he get that from ??? That’s not in our family, is it ?


  5. Alexis Marlons

    He really is big now. And where did he learn that sarcas?

  6. Micheli

    Ann is outstanding in evreything she does. I remember all she went through to bring the first birth center to Maryland. She forged the way for everyone. Congratulations, Ann, on this lifetime achievement award. Marlene

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