Cookie Monster San Francisco PBS Annual Meeting

Cookie Monster’s Message About Special Friends & Family

Note: PBS KIDS Provided my travel to the PBS Annual meeting, but all words are mine.

I just got back from the PBS Annual Meeting in San Francisco, and need about 12 more hours of sleep to process everything we saw and learned. But I am not sure I will ever recover from meeting David Rudman, the very talented puppeteer behind Cookie Monster. A genuinely nice man, he took the time to meet each PBS KIDS blogger individually, took a photo with us (as Cookie) and did a quick video message about something that is important to us.

As I was standing in line and thinking of what to do, of course I wanted to send a message to my son, but I started thinking about what a special family we have. We absolutely have our “biological” crew back in Maryland, especially my mom, aunt and Bryan’s mom, who always have our back.

But we also have our best friends Jeff, Danielle and their 6 year old son, who are our “adopted” family here in Denver. We spend holidays together, we travel together, and the boys often refer to each other as brothers – which confuses their teachers to no end. I also thought about how the crew from PBS Kids and PBS have treated me like family – and of course, their shows (Sesame Street in particular) that portray such a message of togetherness.

I said all of the above to Cookie Monster in about 10 words (not joking, clearly Cookie has places to be)… and he turned to the camera to say the below, without skipping a beat.

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  1. everyfann

    Aimee, this is amazing. I can’t believe he said that!

  2. Sarah Patterson

    omg, I cried too!

  3. Rise

    That is awesome. <3

  4. Ben

    Just showed my kids.

  5. monstergirlee

    OMG that is perfect, and wonderful, love it 🙂

  6. Stevie

    I can’t even imagine how Dex felt.

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