The Shins - Red Rocks - Denver Concert Photos

The Shins & Joseph at Red Rocks

If The Shins album Wincing The Night Away had come to me on cassette tape or vinyl, I would have worn it out. Man, I played it a lot – and still do. So, I was thrilled to photograph James Mercer and his crew when they came to Red Rocks. This year was the 21th anniversary of their first album Oh, Inverted World (another wear-out worthy collection of songs) – and it was time to celebrate.

Opener Joseph is actually a trio of sisters who kind of surprised me as an opening act. They seemed perhaps a bit folksy for The Shins. But their beautiful voices melded perfectly when they came out and sang with the band later – so it all made sense.

As for The Shins themselves, it’s a fairly mellow show overall – but full of the melodic happiness… and all the hits. Mercer’s voice is so distinctive, which is one of the things that makes Shins music so special. He is the only one left from the original band, but the new members are picking up the slack just fine.

The Shins finish up this tour in September but hopefully we will get to see them again soon.

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Joseph – Denver Concert Photos

The Shins – Denver Concert Photos

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