Three Clients I Love

I was such a downer in my last post, blathering about my year of ear issues, I thought I should also talk about the good things in my life. I am now working from home, by myself, as Giese Media. OK, my dog is here most days too. And the neighbor’s dog, too. Who won’t stop barking. Ever.

Everything is so completely different, sometimes it feels strange to think back. I have a laptop (two now, actually) and I work almost anywhere. Since I am contractor for many different clients, their deadlines sometimes make have me working off hours, although I am trying to find that balance.

But I really love how I ended up working in areas I have always enjoyed, with some really cool people.

Example, I do a lot of social media for CLEAR. This is the card that pre-screens you and then you jump the security line. Travel! I love travel! We started working together when they asked me to blog about the company, and our relationship grew. Now, I skype with them frequently on issues that arise, or plans we have to make. Why? They are based in New York, and I am in Denver – and start my day at 9:30. I genuinely feel lucky that I entered the “freelance” world at this point and time. Technology – and attitudes – have changed so much that I can work from my desk, or from the park, or from the line in the grocery store. It still blows my mind every day.

One of the things I loved about my former company was the education aspects. I really felt like I was helping people. Along came Angela Santomero, the creator of Blue’s Clues, Super Why and soon a Mister Rogers spin-off called Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. I get to help Angela with her social media strategy. Never in a million years, when I was making Blue’s Clues cupcakes for Declan’s second, third and fourth birthdays (he was a bit obsessed), would I have EVER guessed that not only would I become friends with Blue’s “boss” – but also I that would work with her. Dream. Come. True.

Then finally – we all know I like music, right? Like a lot? Well, I have started helping bands with all manner of work, and one band in particular: Bop Skizzum. Andy (one of the founders of Flobots) and I met just as he was deciding to return to Bop. We became fast friends, and he often co-works at the same big ole desk I am typing from now. I run the gamut for Bop Skizzum – design, photography, social media. I love that are willing to experiment and we have a blast doing it.

And honestly, I could go on and on. Everyone I am working with is awesome.

Truly, I really feel like I have left the last year of bad luck behind me.


If I could only find more time to blog, right?

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  1. zenrain

    So, so happy for you 🙂

  2. zipper

    That is awesome, congrats!

  3. Meghann

    I love how things are going for your career, but I do bemoan the loss of Greeblepix.

  4. Angela

    I’m so touched! Thank you, thank you Aimee for your insights, information and most of all, friendship! You are one awesome, chick and I’m lucky to know you, let alone work with you! 😉


  5. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I know Meghann!… I miss that too.

  6. Anonymous

    So nice to see the upswing! – m

  7. Corinna

    So happy that good work is coming your way and bad luck is in the rear view mirror!

  8. Krista

    We (Bop Skizzum) absolutely love working with you too Aimee. Your keen insight, creativity & all around social-media-guru-esque-ness is simply unbeatable. Thank you for all that you do for the band!

  9. JennyMoose

    I might not have made the top three, but I betcha i made the oldest client list! Since you used to help me tie my shoes, like, EVERY DAY

  10. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Jenny – ABSOLUTELY!!!!

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