Tom Misch - Fillmore - Denver Concert Photos

Tom Misch at Fillmore Auditorium Denver

Tom Misch is an English singer who kind of snuck up on me. When I walked into Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium, I really didn’t expect it to be wall-to-wall packed with fans. Apparently, I was late to the Tom Misch train, even though he started sharing music in 2012. But Tom released What Kinda Music in 2020 and obviously had not had a chance to get over here to play it for us yet.

Fillmore is a fairly large and elegant room, with huge chandeliers overhead. But it still has that gritty Colfax feel. It matched Tom well, as he is a mix of mellow jazzy compositions and fun poppy sound. He brought a disco ball and bright, colorful lights to fill the room. His large band is full of talented musicians, while Tom himself is an excellent guitarist. They all clearly love playing together and that huge group of fans were loving it.

Tom Misch now heads to South America and Europe for the rest of his tour, but let’s hope he can get back to Denver soon.

Tom Misch – Denver Concert Photos

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