Top Ten Ways to Save the Human Race

I have so much more to say about our fun weekend with the ladies and their amazing girlpower, but it all needs to take a backseat for today. Because, have you noticed that huge button on my right nav for the past few months??? The one declaring October 15th Blog Action Day???

It’s time to talk about the environment, baby.

And, I could think of no one better to do it than one of our best friends, Jeff, who is not only going back to school for this kind of stuff – he is an all around smart dude.

I thought it was important to have my first guest blogger be someone I care about, for something I care about.

Take it away Jeff! …



The “environmental movement” is dead…

…or at least outdated. Three decades of doom & gloom eco-propaganda has fallen on deaf ears, and the new buzzword is “sustainability.” Or, as I like to call it, “survival mode.” We must all adopt a new mindset: global warming and Peak Oil are not imminent threats to worry about tomorrow; they’ve already occurred.

Whether or not you agree, here’s my top ten list of ways not only to save the human race… but also to save you money. (You’ll need it for the hard times ahead!)

1. Do not drive alone!
Work from home; walk, pedal, or use mass transit for both commuting and errands.
Bicycle Commuting Now

2. Relocalize.
Shop locally-owned businesses, grow your own food & support farmer’s markets/co-ops.
Post Carbon Institute

3. Conserve water.
Use Only What You Need

4. Be prepared for emergencies.
What If Colorado

5. Focus on efficiency of your buildings (both home and workplace).
Even if you aren’t yet ready for solar panels and a geothermal system… change to CFL bulbs, efficient appliances, install a water heater blanket, insulate, caulk and weather-strip, etc.
The Homeowner’s Guide to Renewable Energy, by Dan Chiras

6. Reduce/Reuse/Recycle.
Yes, this is a given; but are you recycling paper as well as aluminum and plastic? …even at work?

7. Avoid disposable culture.
Along with #5 above, buy (bulk) products with less packaging and recognize that fast food and convenience stores are EVIL incarnate.

8. Respect the planet’s OTHER inhabitants.
If you’re a carnivore, try going veggie at LEAST one meal per week.

9. Volunteer.
Donating money is great, but the benefits are compounded when you give your time and talents. The volunteer vacation movement is going strong; give it a try!
Global Volunteers
Earth Watch
Sierra Club

Now you’re thinking, wait a minute… that’s only nine! I have purposely stopped short, recognizing that I’m no expert; certainly this humble list-maker has overlooked some key pieces of the puzzle.

Let’s hear what YOU would add for the final item!

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  1. Sarah

    Excellent list. Good job Jeff!

  2. aimee / greeblemonkey

    I know Queeny, I am too far to ride and it’s highway so that would be really amusing anyway… and what is worse, Bryan and I both have to drive because of the school dropoff schedule. I feel totally terrible about it. Maybe someday we’ll be able to change that around a bit and at least be able to commute together. They are also working on a light rail out to our office and we are counting the days.

    And Kelly… TOTALLY love your #10. I plan to do most of my shopping on Etsy, does that count?

  3. mayberry

    Oo – audience participation. How about for #10, teach our kids #s 1-9?

  4. mayberry

    PS here’s a link for my #10

    But better yet, get it at the library. Get everything at the library!

  5. aimee / greeblemonkey

    ooooh, Mayberry… love it!

  6. Andrea

    I went to a global warming talk and this really wacky guy had two more R’s to the reuse, reduce and recycle. He added refuse and regreen. Refuse plastic bags and a variety of other items that we don’t need. Regreen means to plant trees and the like.

    I think both are great ideas!


  7. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Woo hoo! I love you guys!

    I also just thought of a mini-tip while putting a load of laundry in – buy non-petroleum based detergent like Seventh Generation!

  8. Nadine

    It’s already a great list, hard to come up with a 10th.

    I’d say try more home cooking things from scratch. Like making stock or sauces rather than buying them in the shop. I learned so much about the great foods our planet has for us, I have way more respect for food than I ever have. Plus it safes money and safes packaging material.

  9. monstergirlee

    For my #10 I would say get rid of as much non-stick aka Teflon in your home as possible. That stuff is baaad for you, and bad for the environment.

    Several years ago, Hubby and I made a decision to get as much teflon and related products out of our house as possible. And I love my Stainless Steel pans 🙂

  10. zenrain

    yeah, i think i make the baggers at safeway mad when i take my own bags, but i HATE plastic bags!! and i feel so guilty when i forget to bring my own anymore…
    and like aimee said, seventh generation is great, & be sure to buy it in the box, not the plastic container…
    we are also slowly getting rid of grass in the yard at our house, by planting plants/flowers that don’t require much water.
    great suggestions, jeff 😉

  11. Kelly O

    This is a great list! Hmm, my #10 would be to opt out of the high holy day of consumerism and make Xmas presents instead of buying them.

  12. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Charlotte, I had no idea about Teflon, thanks for the link (and CRAP, now I am going to be even worse of a cook!)

    and WOOT to my hubby for the voting suggestion! Love it!!!!! I am just hoping he did not see Neil’s Vespa suggestion, or I am in trouble.

    And Zenrain, great suggestion about the bags. Although, I have to say, we use those bags for kitty poop! So, at least we are reusing them!

  13. Lisa

    Great list! I’m adding this to my link list of Blog Action Day posts. 🙂

  14. Queeny

    I do Nos. 6 and 9, but not nearly enough of either. I vow to try harder, because I do, do, do so care about the environment. Wish I lived close enough to work to bicycle in.

    It’s not easy being green.

  15. Neil

    We sold one of our two cars five years ago (an SUV) and bought a Vespa scooter. We installed a helmet pod for storage and a windshield which really decreased the frigid factor in winter.

    We weren’t sure how it would go at first, but 5 years and 10,000 miles later I can say confidently that having one car is only truly a hassle about 3-5 times a year tops. Plus, you don’t get road rage riding a scooter!

  16. soccer mom in denial

    My #10 would be to push the government (local, state and federal) to do more for our global home. I would push folks to pick the environmental issue of their choice and advocate to the appropriate governemntal branch.

  17. Laura

    Thanks for this! #10 plant trees! For every family member, on every birthday.

    #11 Just be kind.

  18. Bre

    I re-purpose just about everything! And if I can’t find a use for it, I can certainly donate it to someone who needs it!

  19. boogiemum (

    Buy second hand! Cut down on buying tons of stuff all together. Fix things that are broken instead of just buying a new one or reuse it in some other manner.

    great list!

  20. Jeff

    Wow; I didn’t expect so much response! Thanks especially to those who mentioned plastic bags – one of my pet peeves – and also socio-political activism. If you’re not already a member, check out Co-op America (a DC-based NGO). Their overall focus is on creating a sustainable economy; they publish the National Green Pages and “Real Money” newsletter (on socially responsible investing). Among other causes: sweatshops, fair trade, boyotts and global warming.

  21. aimee / greeblemonkey

    You’re a rock star, Jeff! 😉

  22. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Oh and Maypole, love the gallon idea… but we also get our milk delivered and they reuse the jugs!

  23. Bryan

    Good stuff.

    My #10 suggestion for changing the planet is VOTING. No matter what side you are on, expressing your opinion on matters is huge.

    Just a suggestion.

  24. painted maypole

    boy… all my suggestions (canvas bags, buying second hand…) were already used… but here’s one I just picked up from a magazine I’m going to do once I empty out some milk jugs… put a jug of water in your toilet tank, and you’ll use less water every time you flush!

  25. Alpha DogMa

    Do not let Jeff read my blog. His head will explode.

  26. Tree

    This is a fantastic list and I love it.

    One I do not see on the list, but I am sure everyone here does it – use your own mugs and glasses to drink water or coffee at work.


  27. sue

    Wow… this totally got by me. Good list!

  28. Candace

    awesome. you live in an area that has so much support for environmental action. I’m in central florida where the grocery baggers question my need to bring my own bags!

  29. Magpie

    This is a terrific list.

  30. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Continued thanks everyone! :))) And more more more thanks to Jeff, the great listmaker!

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