Tune In Tokyo

As I was stalking Dooce again this morning, I noticed this photo on her Flickr site and nearly fell on the floor laughing when I read the comments. For those of you who don’t get the reference (and I will be shocked if any of you do because it is so embarrassing), but “Tune In Tokyo” is a reference to the most wonderfully bad movie in the whole wide world, Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

The movie is about Janie (Sarah Jessica Parker), the daughter of an army general, who moves around alot… but has always known she would get to Chicago someday, because “that’s where they make Dance TV.” And when she says Dance TV, she means Solid Gold without the copyright clearances. This endears her to Lynn (Helen Hunt), the zany sidekick who thinks that velcro is the coolest invention since Tab. And oh-ma-gawd, Dance TV happens to be holding tryouts for a new couple and guess who makes the finals? But Janie gets matched up with the brooding Jeff Malene… and they could not have been more opposites. Of course, Dad is against the dance contest and Janie has to sneak out for practice… and romance! But they are up against stiff competition – Natalie Sands is used to getting what she wants! And she wants Jeff AND Dance TV. Also appearing in the film is a very young and very hysterical Shannon Doherty.

So – Tune In Tokyo, to be precise, is where Jeff’s best friend (Jonathan Silverman) plays a party game that essentially involves him pretending a girl’s breasts are radio dials during WWII and him yelling “Tune in Tokyo! Tune in Tokyo!”

OR, the reference on Dooce could be something totally different and I just made a complete and utter ass out of myself by showing my extensive knowledge of this cheesy 80’s flick. Who knows.

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  1. Megan

    im sure after guys watch this movie they will be doing the tune in Tokyo to girls and girls will hit them with there purses or punch em or slap em.

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