Twas The Night Before Easter

[Bedtime talk]

Declan: Is the Easter Bunny real?

Aimee: [evasive maneuver] What do you think?

Declan: I don’t think he is! I think he is a man dressed up in a bunny suit! There are no bunnies that big!

Aimee: Huh.

Declan: [now really getting into it] And also, how could he get around with just one basket? He must have more than one. I bet he drives around with a truckload of baskets to get to all those kids.

Aimee: Hmm.

Declan: [more mumbly in sleepiness] And he could be part of my imagination anyway, but then how does the candy and toys show up in the morning? So I think he is real, but just a man dressed up as a bunny.

Aimee: Imagination is a very cool thing.


Translation… SAFE! … For one more year at least.

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  1. Call me Ms. Maxwell

    The Schaererville version of your conversation:
    MiniMe (age 5): Mom, I know who is the real Easter Bunny.
    Me: Oh?
    MiniMe: Yeah, it’s really Santa Claus who dresses up in a bunny costume.
    Me: Why do you think that?
    MiniMe: ‘Cuz there is no way the Easter Bunny can get around the entire world in one night like Santa can.

  2. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Maxwell – that is AWESOME!

  3. Call me Ms. Maxwell

    Thanks for reminding me that these little exchanges are so precious! Happy Easter!

  4. Don Mills Diva

    That was a close one. Happy Easter!

  5. Anonymous


  6. CelticBuffy

    We had a similar conversation in our house yesterday only my little guy thought that the parents must be the Easter Bunny. He had some pretty rational reasons as to why. I think this was probably the last year of believing. Enjoy it while you can! Happy Easter!

  7. Builder Mama

    Our conversation this year was about the religious side…so I went into all this detail about it and when it was all over you could see the wheels turning in his head…”So where does the Easter Bunny fit into the story?” I think we’re safe for another year too.

  8. boogiemum

    we had a similar discussion today. I think it’s sad to think that the fun game of easter bunny and santa may be nearing the end 🙁

  9. Mayberry

    We had this talk too — our daughter informed us that the bunny is a guy in a bunny suit — he goes out without the costume when he doesn’t want to be recognized, like while he’s shopping.

  10. amylia

    Tag, you’re it!
    What, pray tell, is your response?

  11. zipper

    the kid cracks me up.

  12. imelda

    Too sweet. My son’s only 2 so we haven’t had a conversation like this but I know what to expect in a few years 🙂

    I barely touched my computer or iPhone yesterday on Easter but sure took many photos. Hope you had a great Easter weekend.

    Thirty-Something Blogger –

  13. Candy

    Oddly, my son, now 15, was very dubious about the whole Santa thing for a long time, but had absolutely no doubt that both the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy were real and absolute.

  14. Ashmystir

    Happy parenting and good luck with the tooth fairy. =)

  15. Becky

    We had sort of a different Easter conversation in our house…
    or rather in the car on the way to get doughnuts.

  16. Bryan

    Easter Bunny, Santa, Fair Elections, isn’t it more about the spirit of the season? It’s the thought that counts.


    PS. Sorry. Seeing too much political crud in the news.

  17. Anonymous

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