Two Notes on the Current Playlist

1. A post at Rude Cactus recently reminded me how much I love Pearl Jam. God, I l-o-v-e love old Pearl Jam. Before they turned into Neil Young. (See my Not If You Paid Me List for more information). Thank God they grew their rock and roll gonads back with World Wide Suicide. However, Dirty Frank is probably my most favorite Pearl Jam song (besides the whole Ten album, of course) and Bryan and I quote it to each other on a weekly basis to this day. (“I’m just talkin’ about {insert whatever}!”) So, I guess it’s not like I could actually forget I love Pearl Jam.

2. I won free tickets to see Elvis Costello from KBCO for this Sunday. If you didn’t know, Elvis’ real name is Declan MacManus and coincidentally was the first place I ever heard of the name Declan. So he holds a special place in my heart just for that. Besides his ass-kicking music and all. So, I had to put an Elvis song up there to celebrate. Not to mention our ass-kicking neighbors came through with babysitting at the last minute to allow us to go. But I also picked the song “High Fidelity” not only because it kicks ass (notice the theme) but because it reminds me of my Mix CD Queen proclivities. And I recently received this ass-kicking book for my birthday from a friend: Love Is A Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield… TOTALLY ME… with the most wonderful inscription: “For my friend Aimee, who knows there is a song for everything.”

Sniff sniff.

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  1. Sarah

    PEARL JAM IS AWESOME! Even in the Neil Young phase.

  2. Chris

    Shut your mouth…I’m just talking about Dirty Frank!

    PJ just rocks. You know my thoughts on that. Excellent post!

  3. nutmeg

    I like the Neil Young phase too and my husband throws a birthday party for Elvis (C) every year. My kids think there’s only one Elvis and he’s still alive (and doing Lexus commercials now!)

    Declan was on our list of names for a boy! We disagreed on pronunciation though.

  4. aimee / greeblemonkey

    However did you disagree on pronunciation?????

    And Chris, we quote that part all the time too! LOL!

  5. aimee / greeblemonkey

    And a party for Elvis every year is awesome, love it!

  6. Tanaya

    I saw Pearl Jam in their very early “fairgrounds” days. To be honest, I don’t really remember that I thought they were so good. I DO remember them storming the stage at a local bar later that night and playing a few songs. Still can’t tell you which songs.

    College was a drunken blur.

  7. Anonymous

    Have fun with Elvis!!!!

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