We’re In the Final Stretch for Earth Day.

You know that Kid Art Auction For Earth Day I have been yammering about? – i.e. that big giant earth to the right > that has been slammed in your face for months? Well, THE TIME IS NOW, friends. NOW NOW NOWITY NOW.

We have been lucky enough to partner up with the very awesome PBS SUPER SISTERS, so we have extended the end date to APRIL 30, 2009.

Supersisters Pick of the Week

So, any last minute masterpieces from your budding artist? ADD IT NOW.


Here is the pool of awesome artwork to go nuts on. Be sure to join to group to see all the cool paintings, drawings and photos from kids all over the country who are trying to help raise money for the Nature Conservancy.

[In case you forgot, all the original details, with the updated deadlines, are here.]

Also, parents of artists, now is a good time to forward the auction to all your RELATIVES. Because who else would cherish that artwork more than grandma???


And ALSO! In honor of the auction we’ll be giving away a book a day from the delightful Barefoot Book series. It works kind of like the old-school radio contest… where the “nth” caller gets the book? In this case we are doing it through Twitter. I will broadcast the # twitterer we are looking for, and all you have to do is send a reply to @pbssupersisters about Earth Day or the Auction, and the person who matches up with the correct number for that day will get the book! Cool, huh???

So, let’s get moving! It’s time to rock it for Earth Day! ROCK ROCK ROCKITY ROCK!

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