What Sound Does A Fox Make?

Do you know? Have you seen the very serious video that ponders this question?

“What Does The Fox Say?” went viral about a month ago but then Ellen DeGeneres featured the band Ylvis (pronounced ill-vis) from Norway on her show last week and it REALLY went viral.

So much so, that it hit middle schoolers this week.

One of the cool things they do in Dex’s new school is a “homeroom” class where they get breakfast, and while they eat breakfast – they have about 15 minutes of chill time. It is set up to address social issues they may be having, to help them bond, and get organized for their day.

If things are going smoothly, their teacher lets them suggest (clean) videos for the group to watch together.

“The Fox” was picked this week and Dex has been singing it non-stop ever since.

I fell in love with his homeroom teacher when I heard her reaction was, “I think I am about 10 times more stupid after watching that.”

But in all seriousness, it is a pretty hilarious video that supposedly was just meant for a TV show there in Norway and the band is just as shocked as the rest of us it blew up. Plus the production values are pretty damn great, so – well done, Ylvis.

Oh, and in case you are wondering what foxes really do sound like, Popular Science has you covered.

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  1. Karen

    I had not seen the fox song but now I am singing it too!

  2. Rachel

    It’s hit the elementary circuit too.

    {bangs head on table and shakes ears}


  3. Carrie

    My son is in high school and he was singing this today. I had no idea what it was….thanks for showing me! It is an earworm!!!!!

  4. Anonymous


  5. Nina

    Love the magnificent whimsicalness of it. I might say, as long as there are young people producing art like this there is hope.

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