What’s In A Name?

Obviously a lot since I can’t let this lie. Pretty much right from the beginning I have not been very fond of the name Schloobie. I mean, it’s sweet that Declan made it up and all – but… seriously. It sounds like a mix of Scooby Do, Boob, and Lube. I have been thinking about changing it for a long time… and since it’s a pain in the ass for both you and me – if I change it, I am changing it once, and once only.

The only alternative name that I like and has stuck with me is Aimzoo. “Aim” being my nickname for Aimee… and “zoo” kind of from the zoo of our lives. Although, as Bryan pointed out, it’s not like our life is all that wild and crazy. Similar to how I seriously hate it when people use the word “party” as a verb. Barf. But I think of it more like yazoo, yahoo… that sort of thing.

I also played around with using the number 3, or even 3 in German (drei – prounounced “dry”) for the three of us. Of course, then Bryan pointed out all sorts of sick “threesome” connotations for every idea I had. Weirdo.

When I have mentioned the idea of changing the name to the Inner Circle, they hated the idea. Some of it is, I am sure, that everyone is used the the silly name that is Schloobie at this point – not to mention they are supremely lazy and don’t feel like changing their bookmarks.

So, now I bring the idea to you. Because I am certainly lazy too… and not a little bit wishy-washy, to boot. I have been having so much fun talking to you all through the comments – I figure you all can solve this problem for me in snap.

What do you think? Should it stay or go? What do you think of my idea thus far? Other ideas I haven’t thought of?*

*That I will not be paying you for.

Edited to include: Another contender is Greeblemonkey. (Thanks Irish!) Greeble and Monkey both being my son’s nicknames while he was in vitro. Greeble even ended up as Declan’s second middle name. On his birth certificate. That irritated Bryan’s sister to no end, which made it all the more amusing. We’ve owned the URL since Declan was born but Bryan uses it mostly for his 3D stuff… so I would have to wrestle him for it. Any suggestions for devious drop-kick maneuvers?

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Aimee,
    Personally, I like Schloobie and if you aren’t sure what you want it to be, keep it until the new name miraculously appears (most likely when you are in the shower or drinking 😉

    Take care,
    Diane C.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree with Diane. I really like Schloobie. But I also know that you don’t. Don’t change it until you come up with a name that you just can’t do without!


  3. mothergoosemouse

    I like Schloobie. But if you change it, be sure you love it and that you can get the newname.blogspot.com address for it.

  4. Schloobie

    OK, I won’t edit the post to fix Scooby DOO because that is hilarious. Point taken, babe. I am so, so so sorry.

  5. Irish

    One word:

  6. Anonymous

    I personally love Schloobie since Declan thought of it….but if you want to change it, wait until you find something that really fits your wonderful lives.


  7. Heather

    Count me among the fans of Schloobie. Its memorable, its got the Declan made it up thing going for it.

  8. mamalicious

    You have to stick with Schloobie, even though you hate it. Do you think Apple got sick of it’s name? Of course they did but it wouldn’t be the same. I love Schloobie. Or Schloobster. Or SchloobleMonkey. Or SchloobieGreeble. Or Schloobie. I like any word that has even a vague connection to the word, “boob.” So there. I keep saying Schloobie and can’t stop giggling. Stop it, stupid.

  9. Schloobie

    Stupid, stop it.

  10. mamalicious

    Stop it, stupid.

  11. Schloobie

    And Irish, you do have a point with Greeblemonkey. Id’ have to wrestle greeblemonkey.com back from Bryan though.

    And fwiw, I own schloobie.com and aimzoo.com as well.

  12. Schloobie

    Stupid, stop it.

    I can’t wait till my sister reads this.

  13. Schloobie

    By the way – Bryan likes to say/type Mamalicious that way because it sounds more *vicious*!

  14. Irish

    Then I say drop the gloves!!
    Get it back girl!

    It’s my favourite.

    Can’t you share it?
    You’d be greeblemonkey.blogspot.com
    He’d be greeblemonkey.com

  15. MPPs Mom

    I am of the Schloobie camp. However I like the variation of ZooMie (instead of aimzoo) too. And I also like GreebleMonkey. I am just not feeling the vibe with Aimzoo.

    And honestly I don’t even think of Scooby DoO or boobs when I hear Schloobie….I think of you and your wolfpack:)

  16. monstergirlee

    I like schloobie. I’ve never associated it with boob, lube, or even scooby doo.
    IMO – it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. However I promise not to complain if I have to make a new bookmark.
    I think greeblemonkey would be my second and only choise.
    Aimzoo – IMO… don’t care for that at all.

  17. Tree

    You know *I* love Schloobie because I love Scooby Doo & Declan, too.

    It’s not what you want to hear, I fear, but I agree with Schloobie and 2nd Greeblemonkey.

  18. Schloobie

    No, when I move, I want to move to the .com (and have the blogger address too, of course). Bryan told me over lunch he’d let me have greeblemonkey – if I decide to go that way. Then I told him he could have “aimzoo” at a very special discounted rate, since you all seem to hate it! 😉

  19. Anonymous

    I second greeblemonkey. Way better than Schloobie or Aimzoo. JMO ofcourse and I’ll still read regardless..
    Love you,
    Jen G.

  20. Bryan

    First, Scooby Doo has 2 o’s, but that is not important right now.

    I like the current name, and think that unless you find a name that you just can’t do without, you should keep it the same. If you change it to something you are just ok with, you will have to change it again later.

    On the other hand, you could change it now, either love the change or regret it, and know what you should do the next time you come across this problem.

    Good judgement comes from experience.

    Experience comes from bad judgement.

  21. mamalicious

    I LIKE ZooMie! Good job, mpps mom!

    I’m glad that I made you all think of “boob.” Especially you, Bryan.

  22. Bryan

    I like the boob connection too, Ma-Malicious.

  23. Anonymous

    I have to say I am a fan of Schloobie and see no need to change, unless you are really not happy with it.

    Like Tree said, I’m afraid that isn’t what you want to hear….

    But it’s my honest opinion.

    Zoomie is fun! I like that too!

    Don’t really care for Aimzo0.

  24. Anonymous

    I have personally always liked schloobie. As you know, I have an unusual way of interpreting things, very different than your average JoAnn. When I think of schloobie, I think of scribbling and I think of hobbies and most of all I think about you guys. Yet, it is hard to spell and if you were to someday try to use the blog for more than just fun, changing the name would be something to consider.

    Love Brenda

  25. Jeff

    I don’t have any problem with Schloobie, but GreebleMonkey is my favorite.

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