Worth the Waking

It seems no one wants me to sleep past 5am this week.

Yesterday my adorable friend Christina, who is just getting a handle on the whole text messaging thing – sent me a text message at 5:09 and scared the poop out of me. She forgot that the phone actually rings instead of an email, which slithers silently into your inbox. Oops.

Then, this morning, Declan must have picked up on the vibe and started calling for me right around 5:00 am too. First, his eyes hurt. We have never had pink eye, nor do I even really know what to look for – but I made a big show of looking in his eyes and then telling him to go back to sleep. At 5:30 he called for me again and told me his neck hurts. Obviously the kid is just wide awake – or has spinal meningitis. Either way, I gave him some books and told him to read for a while. I figure if he does have spinal meningitis, I can deal with it better with a little more sleep.

Then at 6:30 my damn cell phone goes off again. I rush over thinking I am going to kick Christina’s ass! But it’s my sister – who can’t seem to remember Denver is 2 hours behind the East Coast even though I have lived here for 13 years.

But when I see her message, all is forgiven.

“Have you heard that Crowded House is back together and they are going on tour?”

I am freaking wide awake now! Crowded House is my all-time favorite band. And as you can tell, I have a a lot of all-time favorites – but Crowded House is king of the hill. My cat is named Finn after Neil Finn, the lead singer and the main songwriter.

I immediately jump in the Internet and see that she is correct. They are back together. They have hired a new drummer (Paul Hester committed suicide in 2004). And yes, they are on tour. In fact, they are playing at a big music festival in California over my birthday weekend.

Anyone want to go?

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  1. MPPs Mom

    If I had any liquid in my mouth it would have been all over my computer screen when I just laughed out loud louder than I have in a while.

    Again, sorry…and thanks for teaching me the ropes…..

    Awesome about Crowded House too!


  2. joansy

    You better get your tickets fast! The 3 day passes are already sold out. I have friends who went last year — too many people for me, but it sounded like fun. I recommend a hotel over the tent city.

  3. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Yeah, I actually think my hall passes for out of town trips are all done run out… right Bryan? Seeing as I go to Chicago with the girls right before then.

    But, can we all send up a collective prayer that they go elsewhere in the States? Hell, I bet I could talk Bryan into a trip to London to see them together, though!

    And Esmerelda, a fellow Crowded House fan???

  4. Esmerelda

    Me ME ME EM MEME!!

  5. Bryan

    If you want to take another weekend away from your husband and son, we will be fine. I’m sure his therapist will tell him that it wasn’t because of him. 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    God, I *loved* Crowded House.

  7. Rebel Girl

    I would love it!!!

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