I don't consider myself a jealous person. But of course it comes naturally to everyone, right? That ugly feeling that creeps out of nowhere when you hear something wonderful for friend, and you can't help thinking, "why not me?"
I grew up in a pretty affluent area of Maryland, although we are not part of that crowd. In a lot of ways, I was happy about that because it was much less pressure when you didn't have to have everything all the time. I saw the toll it took on people around me and felt sad when the grass was so much greener that they could not be happy with their situation in life - which was really was quite good, after all.

The Bible

Everyone is talking about Duck Dynasty's Phil Roberston and A&E's suspension of him. What is so surprising to me is the wide variety of comments I have seen, and how many people are quoting the bible to me. As far as a general overview of the situation, my friend Kristen Howerton from Rage Against The Minivan covers my feelings quite well. What I am pondering is our modern day fascination with holding on to the bible with both hands, gripping so hard that our knuckles turn white. Why quote it word for word as a road map for our lives when the words themselves are so contradictory? And truthfully many of the passages have no meaning in the here and now. Not to mention they were written down long after they actually happened. Doesn't that leave some margin for error?

My Nephew is a Child Art Prodigy

Or at least I think so.My sister sent me a web site that allows us to buy things (prints, mugs, shirts) based on my nephew's artwork (what a great idea) and while I have seen some of his work before, it was so wonderful to…

Wedding Portraits:Amy & Dave

I am so honored when I get to photograph a wedding. I don't do it often because, as a solo shooter, sometimes it is a hard to find the right fit of style and size.It was an extra perfect fit to photograph my friends Amy…

Minecraft Birthday Present

It was Bryan's birthday over the weekend, which in the end, proved to be a little stressful for Dex. See, much like most kids his age, he loves Minecraft. Mostly the building and exploring side of Minecraft versus the blowing stuff up part of Minecraft,…

Secret Bunny Ops

Now that Dex is a bit older, holidays are changing for us. We did give him an Easter present, and we made a game of it so it was fun, but the Easter Bunny has become a thing of the past.Or has it?Dex himself had…

Goal For Spring: More Nature Photography

I have been taking almost as many photos as I normally do, just more music photography and less of my surroundings - especially less flowers and nature.I told Bryan last week I need to carve time out for myself this Spring and Summer to get…

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