Secret Bunny Ops

Now that Dex is a bit older, holidays are changing for us. We did give him an Easter present, and we made a game of it so it was fun, but the Easter Bunny has become a thing of the past.

Or has it?

Dex himself had this great idea to play Easter Bunny for our best friend’s five year old son! Which is exactly what we did while they were out to brunch yesterday.


We hid eggs all over their yard, pretty deeply, so that the Easter Bunny could make a special second arrival at dinner time. When we were scheduled to come over. How convenient.


We even had a few “clue” eggs with notes inside of them to lead the little guy on a hunt around the yard.

Easter2013_07 Easter2013_03

Here’s the crazy part. When we came back later in the afternoon, many of the eggs were gone, or worse – their contents had been replaced with twigs and grass! An egg thief had been afoot!

Both Dex and I stared in disbelief as egg after egg in the front yard didn’t have any jellybeans or pennies… just… leaves.

Who DOES that???

But here’s the best part. Our surprise guy didn’t care. He just loved the chase.


He ran around like the proverbial chicken minus his head, thrilled to find any egg he could… and when we moved to the backyard where the prizes lay untouched? He about lost his mind. It was like watching the metal ball from a pinball game, ping ping ping! Back forth across the yard finding eggs! So happy! Excited! Loving it!


So, no worries, Egg Thief. You didn’t ruin the day. Nothing can spoil the pure excitement that magic brings to a child.


And while we had a wonderful day with our best friends – our family away from family – what is even more amazing is what the day brought to my son. HE got to play the Easter Bunny. HE got to see his plan through. HE got to watch his little friend’s face light up over something HE did.

That’s what I call magic.

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  1. Sarah

    My brother (7 yrs older than me) played the Easter Bunny for me…even made rabbit tracks in the backyard 🙂

  2. zipper

    This is awesome!

  3. amykblum

    So cool!!! I need to find some of that magical holiday spirit again. It’s all about making the time. Thanks to Dex for reminding me!

  4. Daniel

    Crazy! No clues on who the egg thief is?

  5. Chloebear

    And THAT is why we live Dex so much!

  6. monstergirlee

    What a wonderful story.
    Sorry to hear there was an egg thief – WTF?!?!

    Still, made me smile, yay.

  7. Lyns

    Now I’ve heard everything! An Easter Egg thief mercy!
    What a lovely spirit your wee lad has!

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