311 and New Politics - Concert Photos from Levitt Denver

311 + New Politics at Levitt Pavilion Denver

Sometimes a concert can simultaneously be awesome and a pain in the ass, right? That was the case for 311 and New Politics in Denver recently. Both bands sounded great, especially New Politics – who are starting to be somewhat of an obsession for me to photograph.

But as this was one of Levitt Pavilion’s first really big shows, there were some organizational kinks – like a reeeealllly long wait for beer. Let’s be fair, though. Most of that was not Levitt’s fault seeing as that weekend had four major festivals going on (so bartenders were spread thin all over the city) and 311 had requested no cans – meaning all the servers had to take the time to pour beers into cups.

This made the crowd a little edgy, myself included – so, for example, I pretty much was tearing my hair out at the lady in the pit with her point and shoot camera. (???) She had a photo pass, so I have no idea how she got there – whether by fan contest or accident – but tripping over her while she took selfies was pretty aggravating.

Weird issues aside, these two bands highlighted why Levitt will become one of Denver’s next great venues. They are fun, excited to perform, sound great live – and their fans love them right back. The entire bowl at Ruby Hill was shaking. That doesn’t exactly make sense, but you get what I mean.

Watching David Boyd breakdance is incredible – but all three of New Politics work it. (In a good way.)

Both Nick Hexum and Doug “SA” Martinez from 311 were all over the stage, hyping the crowd and having a blast.

Definitely worth at least a little pain in the ass. That’s rock ‘n roll, right?

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New Politics Concert Photos – Levitt Denver

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311 Concert Photos – Levitt Denver

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