4 Years

We had our work summer picnic today, which always heralds our anniversary. I can’t believe we’ve had the company 4 years now and we’re still going strong. When Mary started telling everyone stats about our growth today, I seriously got goosebumps. For example, we started with 12 employees and now we have 30. Our first year’s revenue was $675,000 and last year is was $3.4 million. While very little of that sees the inside of our bank accounts – it still feels like an impressive number nevertheless. But more important than the numbers was the sense of community I felt among our employees today. When everyone cheered Rob for his triumphant return to work last week. When everyone watched the kids in attendance (and some adults) taking turns on the pogo stick. When several employees were absolute beyond the call of duty good sports and decided to go bobbing for ducks with their heads.

It just makes ya feel good.

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