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Emei & Lulu Simon - Denver Concert Photos & Review - Lost Lake Lounge

Emei & Lulu Simon at Lost Lake Denver

I love when I go see bands that my (now-adult) kid has turned me on to. Such was the case with Emei – who I listen to all the time now. I would say she is for fans of Bishop Briggs, Upsahl and Royal &…
Olivia Jean - Concert Photos and Review - Lost Lake Lounge

Olivia Jean at Lost Lake Lounge

I was lucky enough to catch Olivia Jean live twice this year – first at Shaky Knees, and then in a much more intimate concert at Lost Lake here in Denver. While she rocked it in Atlanta, I have to say I much preferred the…
Porridge Radio & Blondshell at Lost Lake Denver

Porridge Radio & Blondshell at Lost Lake

I love when I get to see bands for the first time and they blow me away. Such was the case for Porridge Radio and Blondshell at Lost Lake here in Denver. Indie rock band Porridge Radio are from England and lead singer Dana Margolin…
CITRA - Denver Concert Photos - Lost Lake

CITRA at Lost Lake Denver

One of my favorite Denver bands played at Lost Lake Lounge last month. CITRA continues to be incredible while managing line-up changes. Original member Sean Slattery moved away from Denver recently, while coincidentally, CITRA's original drummer Dan Naddy moved back. So, the show at Lost…
Claire Heywood - Lost Lake - Denver Concert Photos

Claire Heywood at Lost Lake

I am not sure how I came across Claire Heywood's music – probably via Indie 102.3 – but I have been stalking her for quite a while. Her voice is deep and powerful, yet somehow still feels very gentle. I had never seen her live, even…
Redamancy - Denver Band - Lost Lake Lounge

Redamancy at Lost Lake Denver

One of my favorite things is to discover new Denver acts. In the case of Redamancy, the band is very new. Friends and bandmates Bella Musser, Adrian Garay, Andreas Landeck and Jonathan Morningstar joined together less than six months ago ... and already have released…