Emei & Lulu Simon - Denver Concert Photos & Review - Lost Lake Lounge

Emei & Lulu Simon at Lost Lake Denver

I love when I go see bands that my (now-adult) kid has turned me on to. Such was the case with Emei – who I listen to all the time now. I would say she is for fans of Bishop Briggs, Upsahl and Royal & The Serpent – but I don’t want to pigeon hole her because she definitely has her own vibe. Very club, youthful, exuberant, fun, and POWERFUL. (Another thing I love seeing in young artists.)

Yet, the night was kind of a dichotomy for me because I walked into Lost Lake in Denver, a dive bar by all accounts (in the best way), and nearly barreled right into Paul Simon and Edie Brickell. No joke. They were there to support their daughter, Lulu Simon, who was opening for Emei. (And only a few of us in the packed club recognized them.) Lulu’s voice is unsurprisingly gorgeous and her also-youthful pop vibe was a great start for the night.

Emei kept the place rocking with her upbeat songs, until she decided to take things down a notch and get everyone to join her on the floor (brave souls) for some songs that meant a lot to her, including a cover of Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning.”

Emai continues on tour into 2024 and I hope you catch her ASAP. She certainly won’t be playing “dive” bars much longer.

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Lulu Simon – Denver Concert Photos

Emei – Denver Concert Photos

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