A Call for the Silver Platters to Reunite!

Last week, some of you saw me tweeting from lunch with Bryan and James, which basically amounts to drunk tweeting since the two of them make me laugh so much I nearly always have Diet Coke slurping out my nose. But anyway, we were having a heated debate over whether or not Joe DiMaggio ever made an appearance on The Brady Bunch. James swore he did. Bryan and I swore he didn’t. I finally took the matter to Twitter and Neilochka and many others settled the argument with two words: Don Drysdale.

Not to fear, James often gets things *close* – but not quite right. Lou Rawls. Lou Reed. Same difference. Don Juan and Don Ho? Distant cousins. The ultimate Jamesism ever? Johan Sebastian Bach (Composer) = Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) = Richard Bach (Jonathan Livingston Seagull). Wow. A TRIPLE! So in regard to the Joe DiMaggio thing, odds were in our favor that he was wrong.

But here is what I learned that day. James is a huge Brady Bunch fan. (Pssst. So am I. How could I not being born in 1970???) We sat there and traded favorites like a ping pong match in China for at least 15 minutes. Basically until Bryan got sick of it and told us to shut up.

The one we agreed upon utterly and completely? The episode where the kids go on the TV show to raise money for the anniversary gift and perform as the “Silver Platters.” I still remember those bitchin’ moves like it was yesterday.

Other memorable episodes for me:

– The one where the kids pool their trading stamps for a big prize and duke it out with a house of cards, only to buy a TV, something *everyone* can enjoy.

– The one where Carol gets into a parking lot accident and they take down the con-man in court. Total pre-Law & Order at it’s finest!

– The one where they go to Hawaii, where the spider climbs up on Jan’s bed and gave me nightmares every single time I saw the episode.

– “Baby talk, baby talk, it’s a wonder you can walk!”

– The one where the guys pull a prank with the fake alien ship on a string in the backyard but all you can really look at is the huge canker sore on Greg’s lip.

– And OF COURSE OF COURSE OF COURSE, the one where Davy Jones takes Marcia to the prom.

OK, your turn. Which where YOUR favorite Brady Bunch episodes?

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  1. Michelle

    I LOVED the Brady Bunch. Oh, where do I begin?

    Some of my favorite episodes were..

    Jan trying out for the pom-pom team. And getting all upset when she doesn’t make the team.

    Jan wanting to be an only child.

    The trip to the Grand Canyon. Cindy and Bobby get lost and have a run in with an Indian boy.

    Still to this day I want to go to the Grand Canyon and ride horses down a trail because of that episode! 😀


  2. mommypie

    1. Hawaii episode w/the bad luck tiki. Holy hairy spider. Holy weird Vincent Price.

    2. Jesse James

    3. Bobby trying to stretch himself because he wants to be taller

    4. Jan gives herself a makeover and buys a brunette wig. And wears it to a party.

    I can’t tell you how excited I was to move into a house when I was 12 that had a Brady Bunch bathroom between my brother’s room and my room.

    Yes. Serious dork.

  3. Ms. Maxwell

    Marcia takes pity on the poor nerdly girl who gets elected as a joke to something (homecoming? student body president?) and gives her a hip makeover, only to have the girl turn against Marcia when she steps into the spotlight. The best part was during the makeover when the girl conveniently says she has contact lenses tucked away, never worn, preferring her horn-rimmed coke-bottle glasses instead. A classic Brady Bunch voila!

  4. Mayberry

    I love how Alice rocks out with her dishrag still in her hand as she watches the performance.

    In college we would play “name that episode” and try to get it while they were still showing the opening shot of the house.

    How about the one where the kids accuse each other of stealing stuff (“he took my Kitty Carryall!”) when really it was TIGER squirreling everything away in his doghouse? That one features the most excellent, what my friend calls “Bobby pocket music” (playing while Bobby empties out his pockets to prove he’s innocent).

  5. Megan

    ABSOLUTELY the Davy Jones episode.

  6. Lara

    i like the episodes in the ghost town, where they get locked in the jail. also, the one where jan wins an award for her composition, but then realizes it was an addition error and she didn’t really have the highest number of points, so she comes forward and admits that she doesn’t deserve the award.

  7. joansy

    Jan and the Ugly Aunt Jenny(spoiler: the Ugly Aunt is really cool)

    Jan thinking she is allergic to Mike (spoiler: it’s the dog’s flea powder)

    The Hawaiian episodes.

    The one where Mike gets annoyed because he can’t make any phone calls and they install a pay phone.

    Greg and Marcia both run for student body president.

    Greg and Marcia fight over who gets

    The one where Marcia dates the basketball player and Greg gets mad.

    Peter’s voice changes while they are recording a song.

    The teeter-totter record breaker with Bobby and Cindy.

    I suppose that’s enough. I liked the early years better than the later years. I had such a crush on Greg and thought Marcia was a tad bit on the prissy side.

  8. Mrs. Schmitty

    I can’t believe you forgot, “OH, MY NOSE!”

  9. Anonymous

    When did Oliver come on board? Talk about jumping the shark.

  10. Shannon Renee

    I’m such a Brady Bunch nerd and American History buff, so my answers are easy:1. Peter as Benedict Arnold2. Bobby choosing Jesse James as his hero3. Thanksgiving play in the backyardThese are in no particular order.

  11. Ashmystir

    I have a few…

    Vincent Price in HI, Jan needs glasses and plows down a family portrait, Marcia and Greg fight over the attic room, Peter as Bogart (pork chops and apple sawce) and Alice freaking out on a head buff statue that Carol made.


  12. Kary Rivera

    when they were in hawaii and greg got cursed with the necklace…think that led to the spider incident that freaked you out.

  13. SciFi Dad

    “oh my nose!” (in slo-mo triplicate)

    when Greg moves out of the boy’s room and into Mike’s office/den and turns it into Studio 54

  14. monstergirlee

    Oh my Nose! Oh my Nose! Over and over.

    That and.. Something came up. (breaking a date with an uggo to go to the dance with a cutie pie)

  15. Writerjax

    Look what you’ve done to me
    and my whole world
    you brought the sun to me
    With your smile,you did it girl…

  16. Oz

    Oh, the prom. That was the best. I’m going to be humming Monkees songs all day.

  17. James

    Pork chops… and apple sauce

  18. motherbumper

    Oh oh oh – it has to be when Jan bought the wig and wore it the party. Jan was such a FREAK – I loved her. My friend has the same stair case in her house and I coveted those stairs LET ME TELL YOU!.

  19. MB


    Oh my nose!

  20. carrie

    I was always fond of Cindy – probably a minority . . .

  21. Anonymous

    The field trip ones for sure: Hawaii and Ghost Town.

  22. Tree

    Anything centered around Jan. She was my doppelganger in personality, I thought…

  23. Writerjax

    and just as an aside, does anyone else have the slow, sad theme music run through their head after a bad day?

    Or the jazzy up-tempo version after you find a $20 in your coat pocket? 🙂

  24. Becky

    I must be on the same page as James. Because I saw Joe DiMaggio, but I thought Joe Namath. And, yes, he was on the show.

    Funny about your post. I just saw a snippet last night of “Cindy Brady” showing up to a radio interview with a hangover. It’s a Very Brady Week, I guess.

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