An example of Bad Mommying

My friend Gretchen placed a call for all “Bad Mommy” stories recently. I didn’t have any to share, because… hello!… I keep that shit off this blog so Child Protective Services has no proof when they come a-knockin’. But this morning I thought of her as I was sorting paperwork and realized Declan’s December Family Project was due today. Is in… this morning. You know, the family project that usually takes us a few hours to do??? And there Declan was peacefully munching away on his morning oatmeal while his mother morphs into a tornado of activity. Not only did I do half the activity for him, I then only allowed him 10 minutes to half-assedly do his part.

I have already crossed the line and did my son’s homework for him. I have already allowed homework to be done the morning that it is due. In preschool for Christ’s sake.

Bad mommy indeed.

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