And he may not be a super physical kid…

But he really is reading like freaking maniac.

Dex was in the office with us one day last week and a coworker was watching him draw and write on Bryan’s whiteboard. On our way out, she slipped this note (below) into Declan’s jacket which I forgot about ’till I just found it.

He read the whole thing to us and the only words he needed help with were “believe,” “amazed” – and, OK, he sounded out “soon” as “sonn.”

The kid kills me. He will be 4.5 in mid-March.

But don’t worry, he will start swimming lessons in 3 weeks… and we have talked about gymnastics, soccer or karate after that. No need to enter 1st grade getting the shit kicked out of you on a daily basis.

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  1. Tree

    That is just awesome. Good job, Dex!

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