Andrew McMahon, Michigander & Wildermiss at Fillmore Denver - Concert Review & Photos

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, Michigander & Wildermiss at The Fillmore

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness is the brainchild of the incredibly talented musician Andrew McMahon. It all started after his successful projects with bands like Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin. Following his battle with leukemia, Andrew embarked on a solo career under the name “Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness.”

His music blends pop, rock, and indie vibes in the coolest way possible. When you catch him in concert, it’s like entering a whole other universe – for the latest stop at Denver’s Fillmore, the stage was a full-on campsite. Plus, Andrew’s energy is off the charts. He’s all over the stage, playing the piano like it’s nobody’s business and belting out those heartfelt lyrics. Plus, he’s got this way of connecting with the crowd that makes you feel like you’re sharing a moment with him.

Of course, I loved openers (and friends) Wildermiss, who we still call Denverites even though they are based in Nashville now. Emma Cole has a glorious voice that she manages to bend all in all directions (if I was more of a critic instead of a fan, I am sure I could explain that in technical terms). It’s so great to see these guys gain more and more success every year.

We had seen Michigander at a small SoFarSounds show several years back, but it was wonderful to see the full band play. It’s the moniker for Jason Singer, who manages to be both a soulful songwriter as well a fun pop act.

Can’t wait to see all of these artists again in the future. Wildermiss will be back in Denver on March 9th, Michigander’s next stop is Bonnaroo and Andrew McMahon has his annual holiday cruise in November.

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Wildermiss – Denver Concert Photos

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Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness – Denver Concert Photos

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