Apparently my kid has been taking lessons from Karl Rove.

He showed me the book where he learned about the grasshopper’s amazing smelling ability.

“Oops! Good thing I drew it in pencil.”

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  1. zipper

    that is hilarious.

  2. amy

    LOL, those crickets are sure doing a lot with their knees these days! (Ears, nose… Same diff!)

  3. Ali

    hahaha. awesome!

  4. Rhiannon

    THANK GOD I’ve not shared that at any dinner parties yet!


  5. Anonymous


  6. Rebecca F.

    Oh my. That is priceless. I love that he made the pictures and the facts his own.

    Thanks for sharing this. I appreciated the chuckle!!

  7. monstergirlee

    D’oh! Better correct that in my list of amazing facts.

  8. mommy2twindaughters

    Eh,’s all the same 🙂 The pencil drawing is too cute!

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