Arctic Monkeys Concert Photos & Review - Denver, CO

Arctic Monkeys & Fontaines D.C. at Red Rocks

I have been wanting to see Arctic Monkeys since their formation in 2002. Another show that never worked out till this year, and I am so happy I got to see it – especially at Red Rocks.

One of the things that sets the Arctic Monkeys apart is their ability to seamlessly blend their older hits with the fresh vibes of their latest releases, including 2022’s album The Car. It’s like a musical journey through their evolution as a band, and it keeps the audience on their toes – or should I say, on their dancing feet?

And let’s talk about Alex Turner, the enigmatic frontman with the slicked-back hair and undeniable swagger. His stage presence is nothing short of magnetic. Whether he’s crooning the soulful lyrics of “505” or belting out the rebellious anthem “I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor,” Turner has this uncanny ability to draw you into the music, making you feel like you’re a part of something big.

But it’s not just about Turner – the entire band radiates an infectious energy that spreads like wildfire. Jamie Cook’s killer guitar riffs, Nick O’Malley’s thumping bass lines, and Matt Helders’ powerhouse drumming all come together in a symphony of sound that leaves you wanting more. Then you add openers Fontaines D.C. – the Irish pop punk band who are quickly becoming one of our absolute faves – the whole night was a real kick.

What’s truly commendable about the Arctic Monkeys is their commitment to delivering a top-notch live experience. They don’t just play their songs; they bring them to life. Seeing as the band doesn’t tour all that often, I am thrilled I caught them this year. I hope you did too!

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Fontaines D.C. – Denver Concert Photos

Arctic Monkeys – Denver Concert Photos

Arctic Monkeys Setlist
09/18/23 Red Rocks

Sculptures of Anything Goes
Snap Out of It
Crying Lightning
Star Treatment
Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?
The View From the Afternoon
Knee Socks
Pretty Visitors
Fluorescent Adolescent
Suck It and See
The Ultracheese
There’d Better Be a Mirrorball
Do I Wanna Know?
Body Paint
(Extended outro)

Big Ideas
I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor
R U Mine?

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