Are you sick of peanut butter yet?

Well, DON’T be! You CAN’T! Cause here are some more photos from a really fun AND really informative party! Yes, there *IS* such a thing!

Richard talks about how wine does not need Olympic scoring – you just need to like it!
Wine does NOT have to be stuffy!

Yes, I REALLY did serve PBJ! Tara and her crew had never heard of Uncrustables. NEVER! I also served lettuce wraps with peanut butter and bananas inside as an alternate “PBJ” twist.

Bryan’s grandmother made these like 50 years ago. Not kidding!

We broadcast the party on Ustream and had fun interacting with friends watching all over the country. (Sorry to those who couldn’t hear us all that well at times!) But either way, it added a fun twist to a wine tasting, that’s for sure!
The Wonder of Ustream

Tara and Danielle got the prize for “Most Similar” pajamas.
Gnome Girls

And Julie had the “Most Interesting” – a wrap that was a cape AND a blanket.
Mrs. Goosemouse, Her Hubs, and THE WRAP

Declan left us his glowsticks to play with. Nuff said.
Let The Rave Begin

And his toy plastic microphone.

Which lead to some dancing.
Adam & His Awesome Breakdancingness

Oh yeah. Gwen + Joel = Totally Awesome.
Gwen & Joel

Have I mentioned that Bryan wore footie pajamas? With Sock Monkeys on them? And notice my pajamas with snowglobes of the states on them. People were looking for their homestates all over me, all night. Errm. *I* did the checking in certain areas, though, thank you vera much.
Fancy Feet

And as a final note, my friends Sarah and Michelle are always the last to leave my house. ALWAYS. But at least they leave laughing.
Always The Last To Leave

Oy vey. It was so fun. ALL the photos are here if you want to take a peek. Seriously, Richard, ANY TIME you want to come back to Denver, we’re here for you, dude. I promise.

I like wine now.


P.S. Some of you asked about what wines Richard poured from Israeli Wine Direct!

Here they are:
Flam Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay 2007
Somek Chardonnay 2005
Tzora Giv’at Hachalukim Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
Yaffo Rouge 2005 Blend
Karmei Yosef Bravdo Cabernet Sauvignon 2005
Meishar 730 Cab 2004
Clos de Gat Har’El Syrah

Also, I used his new text message service,, for ordering the ones we liked best (pssst, the Flam! the Flam!) – and it was so easy! A little dangerous maybe, but awesomely easy!

Thanks again to all our friends, and especially to Richard, who made it such a fun event!

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  1. Sizzle

    Looks like loads of fun!

  2. Anonymous


  3. Lori

    It was such a blast to hang out with you and your awesome friends. R and I had a wonderful time.

    We enjoyed my Greeblemix at dinner tonight. LOVE the songs.

    But I don’t really know why I ended up with one. Was I just lucky?

    Thanks so much, Mr and Mrs Greeblemonkey.

  4. Jenni Jiggety

    Uncrustables and PJs….my kind of party!

  5. carrie

    Lori got the Greeblemix because I typed her name in!!!!!!

    That was the strangest, grooviest, silliest thing I have done on a Saturday night while the husband was on shift in a long time.

    Thanks for the virtual par-tay everyone, and a special thanks to that man in the Yellow Bathrobe. He was awesome. 🙂

  6. zipper

    Love the pics.

  7. gkgirl

    i am totally coveting
    those footie sock monkey pjs…

  8. Anonymous

    what a riot! I wish I was home on Sat night to watch online!

  9. SP

    What a fantastic idea. Can I borrow it and have my own PB&J and PJ’s party?

  10. monstergirlee

    If those pictures are that much fun to look at – I can only imagine how much fun it was to be there! I love everyones jammies!

  11. gwen bell

    Wonderful party, terrific hosts, great wine. AND PJs!? One of my favorite parties in 2008, easy. Loved spending time w/you all.

  12. mothergoosemouse

    Good gravy, how drunk was I?!

    (Don’t answer that.)

    An absolutely fabulous time – thanks again to Aimee, Bryan, and Richard!

  13. Ali

    All grown-ups should have this much fun!

  14. tarable

    Loved every second of that party. Thanks for your gracious hospitality and for all that PB, which was especially delicious while eating it in my PJs and washing it down with Israeli wine. Good times!

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