Art Camp, Year 2

After a looooooooooooooooooong week home with us (or more accurately, at the office with us), Declan started back at his old daycare this week. I am not sure who was more happy about it: him or us.

Several of his old friends and teachers are still there, which has been wonderful for the transition… and he has been telling us about his new friends all week, too.

And coincidentally, this week was also “Art Camp” at his school – where the kids explore all sorts of art mediums and basically draw, paint and get messy like little Picassos all week long. Declan had a BLAST.

They had an Art Show for the parents on Friday afternoon and Bryan was able to slip out over lunch and attend. He said everyone’s work was just awesome, in the way that kids work is just fun and interesting and has that wonderful perspective on life.

Here is the best of Declan’s.


He wanted to paint using the color “vermilion” because his Dad’s Honda Element is that color.

He used watercolor to make a baseball mit and a firepit. Oh, and the yellow and green are “happy decorations.” Maybe they made them watch Bob Ross at Art Camp.

This one kind of freaks me out because it’s a house on fire. But he was quick to tell us, it was “only a small fire – it just has a lot of smoke.”

And this one is “The House.” Nice of him to put “The” next to the house to clarify for us, don’t you think?

They also took a field trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens, were given disposable cameras and were let loose to take photos of whatever they wanted. I was really impressed how Declan’s photos improved from last year. I mean, some are actually in focus.

Don’t be afraid. They have a “Big Bugs” display going on at the Gardens.

Declan was *very* interested in the Dippin’ Dots cart.

Declan promised me he would take photos of flowers. And there were also two bumble bees he was chasing around that are in this photo. Somewhere.

Ahhh. A zen-like garden scene.

“And that is Ian’s booty.”

We loved this shot of the statue and the grass and the air.

This one was the one they picked for the Art Show and is our fave as well. Gotta love a kid who can appreciate textures.


So overall, he’s had a great first week back.

Of course, he woke up this morning with a runny nose. The first one in months.

New kids. New germs.

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  1. Anonymous

    He takes after his parents – artistic beyond belief!


  2. Lotta

    Beautiful! Do you frame it? I have some stuff Mack did when he was 2 framed on our wall. I love to look at it as he gets bigger!

  3. mayberry

    So clear how near the tree that apple fell!

  4. chloebear

    Declan has his mommy’s eye for photography!

  5. Anonymous


  6. Tree

    Artistic, smart and funny! What a great child!

    The last one is really quite cool. Love the reference to Bob Ross and happy decorations.

  7. Sarah

    I love the vermilion comment.

  8. Sue at nobaddays

    Lovely, lovely pictures Declan!

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