Art Sale

Declan had an idea a few months ago. And seeing as he *is* my child and all, he has been obsessing about it every single second since then. He wanted to have an ART SALE. Like a good old fashioned lemonade stand, but better. Where we invite all his friends over, they bring their art work, we hang it all up around the yard, the parents and friends of parents sit around and drink beer and then buy the artwork they like for a quarter. BREEEELIANT, I tell you!

Of course, my friend Rachel made me feel like a capitalist pig when the first question she asked upon arrival was, “So, are all the proceeds going to charity?” Um. Noooo. But did I mention we have beer???

The other highlight was the near bidding war over some of Declan’s paintings. We were able to smooth the ruffled feathers with promises of more drawings at a later date (seeing as the child is a literal artwork machine and I am MORE THAN HAPPY to have to paintings go to good homes rather than be stacked up in my living room). Our neighbor Michelle even commissioned a portrait of their dog Newman. When she asked Declan how much that would cost, he answered, “Either a penny or a quarter.”

I’m thinking this needs to be an annual event at Casa Greeblemonkey. And I may even be able to talk Declan into *splitting* his proceeds with charity.

UPDATE: Nadine suggested we take it further and make an online version of the Art Sale for all mommy (& daddy!) bloggers to participate in. I LOOOVE IT! Stay tuned, I will be pulling that together ASAP.

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  1. Tree

    What a fantastic idea! I fear I would be the only one to buy my child’s work…

  2. zenrain

    Emerson has had an art sale, too! I even paid her $5 for a canvas (she was asking $10)… so if you want her in on it next year, just let us know –this is a girl who charged $1 per glass of lemonade at her sale!

  3. Mr Lady

    Dude, you’re brilliant. So is that kid. Did you have it in front or out back? I could see Anne across the street buying some. Dude, is Anne still ALIVE?

  4. Marion

    Watch out for this kid as he is on his way to fame & fortune.

  5. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Anne did come over, and bought some! She was so cute!

  6. Keely

    So, was the beer included in his plan? Because if it was then he’s even more awesome than I thought. 🙂

    We’re so going to encourage things like this once Zoe is old enough to make art. These are the kinds of things I’m excited for.

  7. Nadine

    AWESOME idea! This could work online too, with all the mommy bloggers out there. No beer.. but a good cause. Just an idea 😉

  8. Ms. Maxwell

    We, too, have had art sales (and lemonade sales, and toy sales, and rock sales…the entrepreneur gene runs strong in Schaererville). Haven’t added the beer and parents yet, though. Must do. Count me in for anything online for a good cause — brilliant idea!

  9. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Wow, I love the idea of an online kids art sale!!!! – I have already started the wheels rolling – stay tuned!!!!

  10. Sizzle

    That’s a far cry better than a lemonade stand. That Declan sure is smart!

  11. Kit-Kat

    What a cute idea!

  12. Jodi

    What a great idea!

  13. Sue at eLuckypacket

    What a brilliant idea … and I love the idea of an online auction. Unfortunately we only have tissue paper sticky messes to contribute at this stage!

  14. Anonymous

    the kid is a genius!

  15. Sarah O.

    I agree with the Etsy store idea. Kids’ art is so precious!

  16. Sleeping Mommy

    That is an absolutely wonderful idea. I’m even more impressed that you put his idea into action. Just too cool.

  17. Mayberry

    I love that — offline and online versions!

  18. zipper

    great ideas all around.

  19. aimee

    he needs his own etsy store!

  20. Nadine

    I love that you actually like the idea and that you’re already working on it! I’ll put my Monkey to work right away 🙂

  21. nutmeg

    I’m in! My kids do the same thing in between selling homemade perfume and origami sculptures. They even have business cards.

  22. joansy

    I love the idea but especially love those flower paintings.

  23. Miss Britt

    Oh my gosh that IS brilliant. And super mom award worthy of you to jump on it and be so supportive of the idea!

  24. Scott Booker

    As I have no children…I think a couple pieces of Declan’s art would really cheer up my dreadful apartment!! How do I get some??

  25. Amy

    I’m all for it. I would even be interested in a quarterly traveling sale. I will host in June!

  26. carrie

    That is a great idea! Tell Declan that if he wants to sell any of that brilliance, I’ll buy some.

  27. Jerseygirl89

    That is so brilliant and I so wish I lived in your neighborhood.

  28. Lynn

    OMG, what a brilliant child! A. has TONS of artwork floating around this house- I even designated a 16 qt tupperware box and several notebooks to contain it all!

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