Back On The Asthma Meds

Well, we gave it a shot. We stopped doing asthma maintenance meds in late April and although in general, Declan was doing pretty well – he still had a few minor attacks – and last night his allergies tossed him into full-blown croup and wheezing mode. So he and I tromped off to the doctor this morning and got a dizzying array of meds and instructions. I am seriously thinking of drawing up a big chart with arrows pointing every which way… When there is this reaction you take this med first, this med second, stand on your head and whistle the theme song for Star Wars. And if you have this sort of reaction, you blow this stuff up your nose and then jump up and down three times. And so on and so on. $250 later at the pharmacy, I had the startling realization that there were a shit load of old ladies who do their grocery shopping on Monday mornings and none of them like little boys who were hopped up on asthma rescue meds. Which made his spazzyness all the more funny, actually. Luckily the maintenance meds do not have that spaz-inducing factor and the new stuff is an inhalant (via a chamber since he’s still only 3 years old, of course) – which means much less time than the breathing treatments. She also gave us some extra meds for the grass allergy that is quickly becoming apparent (like father, like son). So one more thing.

But at least we should have less wheezing (or none at all!) for the rest of the summer.

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