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Yes, we finally got suckered in. And literally watched every single Battlestar Galactica disc, from the miniseries straight through to the end of season three in direct succession. That’s a LOT of late nights, yo. I blame my best friend, Danielle – who on the surface is a glossy, polished, professional with a great sense of style. Bubbling under that surface, though, is a HUGE sci-fi nerd.

Which is, I guess, one of the reasons we are friends.

I don’t claim her sense of style, but I definitely have her nerdiness. Star Wars? Love. Harry Potter? Adore. And Firefly? If I weren’t married already, (and he wasn’t a fictional character on a short-lived television series – slight problem), I would follow Captain Reynolds to Reaver territory and back with lovesick puppy-dog eyes googling the whole way.

So, it was only a matter of time before we jumped on the BSG bandwagon. I’m thinking the main reason we held out is the fact that we HAVE NO CABLE, and the fact that HAVE I MENTIONED WE ARE SO FRICKING BUSY WE CAN’T GET OUT LAUNDRY DONE, much less keep up on a TV show… besides, urg, my devotion to American Idol 4 months out of the year.

But here we are. Almost there. We just found out who 4 of the 5 last Cylons are, and SO *NOT* SURPRISED. Anyone who didn’t see that coming wasn’t paying attention. Or, um, wasn’t watching it every night for 3 weeks straight.

We won’t fully catch up till it’s released to video since the Sci Fi channel does not have all of season 4 online right now (are they TRYING to piss me off?) but we have read the recaps and will start staying in on Friday nights like the rest of you nerds on Twitter. With the hopes of having a grand bash with our best friends and their cable TV and their huge flatscreen for the series finale.

So. Fellow nerds. Who do YOU think the 5th Cylon is?

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  1. Anonymous

    It has to be Adama, right?

  2. Mr Lady

    Okay, I’ll confess, I skipped reading and came straight to the comments, because this title is the best title in the history of blogging.

    As soon as I stop crying from the laughter, I’ll read the post. Swear.

  3. Kyle

    there’s a lot of strong female cylons, so my initial gut that Starbuck (uh.. hello coming back from the dead!) might be it wouldn’t fit. They already have a hierarchy person (Tigh), so I don’t think it’d be Adama. Baltar makes the most sense to me.

  4. Meghann

    Um, live long and prosper?

  5. Tree

    I always love BSG when I watch it, but do not wait with baited breath every Friday night. I am weary of it, honestly.

    The first season was amazing. I would lay on the sofa with all my muscled tense from the low thrumming music.

    Hmmmm… I guess I need to go catch up with this season!

  6. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    I would *like* it to be Baltar, but I would be really surprised.

    I hadn’t thought of Helo, but that would be cool.

    And Melissa, it *is* really dark and psychological – which is why I like it so much!

  7. laughingatchaos

    Gawd, we’re such BSG junkies around here. It’s seriously our date night. We have one on Tivo waiting, and we’ll probably have a Friday night BSG date night this week. 😉
    My vote is for Gaeta. After losing his leg, he sang to keep his mind off of it. The four hidden Cylons discovered they were Cylons through music. An opera house features prominently in the plot.
    Then again, I could be wrong. 😉

  8. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    oh, that would be a good one too – given all the help he gave the resistance.

    AND, I wanted to comment on Motherbumpers original comment about the Cylons and their club dress. NO JOKE!!!! That cracks me up!!! Nice war-suits, ladies!

  9. motherbumper

    I am just working my way through the last dvd season of BSG. OMG – I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

    Don’t you love that Richard Hatch is in it because I loooooooved him in the original. I was such an Apollo junkie.

    Anyhow, one thing that has been on my mind awhile is: why do the cylons always dress like they are heading out to the club? Seriously, they are always ready to par-tah.

  10. Anonymous

    I vote roslin.

  11. The Casual Perfectionist

    I’m not sure if you watch Lost, but my hubby had a slight brain malfunction during the season finale to that show and started shouting that Desmond was the final one. It took me a while to figure out that he’d crossed some wires in his brain and ACTUALLY thought Desmond was the final cylon!!


  12. Karen

    I think the last one is Helo. That would make Hera a perfect full Cylon baby. Chief doesn’t seem concerned that Nicky is half Cylon, so apparently that’s not really an issue so to speak. They’ve made this HUGE deal out about Hera for like two seasons now. She’s probably going to play a key role. If she’s the first Cylon baby born, that makes her kind of a big deal. Helo is my guess.

  13. Backpacking Dad

    There was an (I think) Entertainment Weekly photo spread of a “Last Supper” kind of setting with most of the major characters depicted.

    When asked who the last Cylon was Ronald Moore would only say that it wasn’t anyone in that picture. So most of the guesses so far are wrong.

    If he wasn’t lying.

    My guess is Galactica. The ship. Because I’m enough of a sci-fi geek to have no box to think outside of anymore.

  14. Ali

    i hear it’s amazing. of course, haven’t had the chance to download yet…

  15. gcmandrake

    I liked the look on the President Roslin’s face when, jokingly(?), she was told she was a Cylon. Of course, was the Cylon really joking?

  16. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Whoah. Backpacking Dad – that’s brilliant.

  17. Melissa

    I have a strong affection for all things sci-fi, but holy be-jesus if those cyclons don’t give me nightmares. They did when I was 5 and they still do now at 36! I just can’t watch it – I am a wimp.

  18. Anonymous

    I am still holding out for Adama. Which would make Lee the 1st Cylon baby.

  19. Sarah

    I’d judge you, but I’m very busy watching reality TV reruns on my Tivo.

  20. Lisa

    I’m totally lost….not clue who it is.

  21. crunchy carpets

    Massive BSG geeks here…got Helo sitting on my desk and we tie the kids up when it is on Fri nights.

    and casual…that is fricken hilarious

  22. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Shannon! That’s a great plot point too. Maybe they are oracles of some kind – since Tyrol’s mother was one.

  23. J at

    Oh, another geek joins the ranks! Yay!

    We love love love BSG around here, but even though we DO have cable, stupidass Comcast doesn’t put SciFi on our local line up, so it would cost us $50 more a month to get the package with that channel. There is a spot in hell waiting for you, Comcast. Anyway, we used to watch via iTunes, but they stopped carrying it, then we started watching via, but they’re inconsistant…

    And as to the final cylon? Hmmm. Could it be Tigh’s wife? He killed her…maybe she was resurrected?

    I wish it were going to be back on the air before NEXT STUPID YEAR. Sigh.

  24. Shannon

    I’ve been telling my husband for weeks that suddenly some (or all) of the four the were revealed are going to turn out to not be cyclons after all and then there will be a big reveal later. Who they are? Meh! I’m not really concerned at this point. 🙂 Time will tell.

  25. Bryan

    It’s that little daggit that hasn’t been seen yet. Cute, cuddly, evil to the core.

  26. J at

    Did you see the finale? Did you know you can find the show online, bootleg uploads? We just watched last night’s episode….

    OH.MY.GODS. That’s all.

  27. chloebear

    Big dork #1 signing in: I twittered last week “who do you think is the final cylon” and low and behold someone suggested Zach Adama! Never would of thought of that one, is it even possible?
    I kind of want it to be Roslin, because I don’t want her to die! Her and Adama are so cute!
    What a fracking ending! – I can’t wait til next year!

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