Beaver Creek Birthday Bash

We got a great hotel rate on Priceline, so we headed up to Beaver Creek yesterday afternoon for a mini-break to celebrate Bryan’s upcoming birthday. Upcoming, as in, tomorrow.

It was awesome – great service, beyond phenomenal food at the hotel restaurant… Of course, we paid 2xs more for dinner than we did for the actual hotel room. That’s OK, it was one of the best meals I’ve had in a long, long, long time. I had pretzel covered pork chops – which sounds weird but was fucking sensational.

This morning we played in the hotel pool and hot tub (and the pool was nowhere near as cold as we thought it would be given the brisk mountain air)… And then after we checked out, we played mini-golf in the village. Declan and I both hit a hole in one! We didn’t yell nanny-nanny-boo-boo to Bryan too loudly – seeing as we were there celebrating his birthday and all.

Then we headed back to Denver this afternoon. A terrific little getaway. I even got Bryan to chill out about all his deadlines at work for a while.

Check out the pics. I especially like the ones of me reenacting the moves from Karate Kid. Very attractive.


Other Bryan birthday celebrations include: seeing Snakes On A Plane (opening night!) tomorrow night with the gang from work (yeah, I know – they are freaks) and dinner with Jeff and Danielle on Friday night.

Oh, I have something else cooked up but you all will have to wait just like him.

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