Brendan James -Live In Denver

I fell in love with Brendan James’ voice a long time ago. Well, in 2008 precisely, with his first album, “The Day Is Brave.” I am embarrassed by the playcount on songs like “Green,” “The Other Side,” and “Manchester.”

Then came his self-titled album… and “Hope In Transition” earlier this year. Both amazing albums featuring his amazing voice. Be sure to check out “Nothing For Granted,” “Different Kind of Love,” “Emerald Sky,” (from Brendan James) and “Younger Days,” “NightLife,” and “Nothin’ But” (from Hope in Transition).

The good news is I was lucky enough to see Brendan here in Denver recently, and I was so struck by his voice live, I ended up recording a few of these awesome songs rather than photographing them.

The Other Side

Different Kind of Love


Of course, I took some photos too.


BrendanJames2012_06 BrendanJames2012_04


I was so thrilled to see him in such an intimate venue, and I highly suggest you see him however, whenever you can. I love when singers have just as good of a voice (or better) live as they do on a record.

Here is a list of his upcoming shows, and yes, DENVER – he returns here for two nights in March.

You can bet I will be there.

Tickets and photo pass provided by Brendan’s record label. 
All words and photos are mine.

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  1. zipper

    Love the video. You should do that more often.

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