I Fight Dragons - Denver Concert Photos - Globe Hall

I Fight Dragons at Globe Hall

It’s been waaaaay too long since I have seen I Fight Dragons live in concert. I just looked it up and KABOOM! came out ten years ago, which seems insane to me. But it also makes sense, because it was one of our son’s (and our) favorite albums at the time and I remember Dex being a tiny person then. Well, he is grown up and IFD took a hiatus – so it was a super joyful reunion at Denver’s Globe Hall with many friends who also love the group.

If you have never seen I Fight Dragons live, their sound is chiptune-based, which I think (in some ways) sells them short as musicians, because that sounds like they rely on video games to make their music. Every single one of the guys is incredibly talented musically, and just like any good performer, these self-proclaimed geeks use those clips to make their songs – and performances – more interesting.

I Fight Dragons just released Side Quest, which contains B-sides and rarities, and they continually run a Patreon for behind the scenes fun. Beyond that, here’s hoping it won’t be another decade before they come back out on tour!

I Fight Dragons – Denver Concert Photos

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