Canceled our Wyoming Trip

We were supposed to head up to Casper this weekend to visit with my college roommate Marabeth, her hubby Jim and their kids Emerson & Hawkins. But as of last night, Bryan and I were still sick as dogs (I ended up staying home again today because I literally could not make sound come out of my vocal cords)… and then Marabeth emailed and said she had strep throat – which sealed the deal. I am really bummed because a weekend up in Wyoming is always fun, not to mention Declan was out of his mind excited to see Emerson and Hawkins. We’ll reschedule though – for a time when there is less chance of us all infecting each other with germs and snot.

On the positive side, the weekend is wide open for us now. I can’t remember the last time that has happened. I am not even sure what to do with myself.

I guess resting up and kicking this cold would be the first order of business.

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