Caught in the Act

Last night at dinner, Declan overheard us mention the word “oxygen.” So, of course, he asked what that meant. And we went on to explain it. And then he wanted to know more. So, we explained to him that when we breathe air, our body takes the oxygen out of the air and uses it and then when we breathe out, your body puts carbon dioxide back into the air. He was utterly intrigued with this process and immediately figured out that it was similar to how our body takes in food and puts out poop and pee (which, of course, he still thinks is huh-larious). Bryan (always the big fat nerd) started drawing the chemical symbol for CO2 and that’s when our waitress walked back to the table. I can imagine it from her side… she walks back, our three heads are bent in together and we are explaining to a 4 year old that “di” sometimes means two of something, in this case – two oxygens. And then I said… and “tri” usually means three of something – like the three corners of a triangle. And Declan then yelled out, “YEAH! Like the three wheels on my tricycle!”

The waitress nearly dropped her tray.

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