Chicken Fight Fest Denver - 2019 Photos and Review

Chicken Fight Fest Denver 2019 Was A Delicious Success

Note: I am a promotional partner for Chicken Fest but all words and photos are mine.

This Spring has been a wild ride for Denver weather. The night of Chicken Fight Fest 2019, I wasn’t sure if it was going to rain, hail, snow, tornado, or all of the above. It was my first time attending, so beyond the unpredictable weather this year, I didn’t know what to expect – other than a lot of chicken. Luckily, the rain held off, but it was pretty darn cold – so I packed hand warmers in my pockets all night. Worked like a charm!

Chicken Fight Fest Denver 2019 - Food and Drink Tasting Event

In addition to a lot of chicken, there was a lot of booze. In fact, I would almost say it was pretty even ratio food-to-alcohol, which was A-OK with me. If you have never been to a tasting event, you pay the entry fee (there are a few tiers) and can sample from all the different restaurants and vendors all night at no additional cost. I love this kind of event because all I need to think about is tipping.

And personally, as a Bud Light drinker, I was thrilled with the presenting sponsor.

Chicken Fight Fest Denver 2019 - Food and Drink Tasting Event

Chicken Fight Fest is also a contest where attendees get to vote for their favorites. Below are the Judge / Fan winners. The professional judging was completely blind. Restaurants were assigned numbers and their dishes were brought to judges. The crowd voted via tablets placed around the event.

Denver Chicken Fight Fest Winners 2019

Fried Chicken
1st Place – Former Saint Craft Kitchen and Taps⁣ / Carrera’s Tacos⁣
2nd Place – Williams & Graham⁣ / J Street Catering and Food Truck⁣
3rd Place – GRIND kitchen + watering hole⁣ / Williams & Graham⁣
1st Place – GQue⁣ / Smōk – Denver⁣
2nd Place – West End Tap House⁣ / Sugarfire Smoke House⁣
3rd Place – Stoney’s Bar and Grill⁣ / The Preservery⁣

1st Place – Butcher’s Bistro⁣⁣ / Mister Tuna⁣
2nd Place – Hearth & Dram⁣⁣ / Bacon Social House⁣
3rd Place – Mister Tuna⁣⁣ / / Mizu Izakaya⁣

1st Place – CURIO & Lot 40 Rye⁣ ⁣/ Smōk – Denver & Jameson⁣
2nd Place – Golden Moon Speak & Golden Moon Distillery⁣ ⁣/ Dos Santos & Aperol⁣
3rd Place – Esters Denver & Milagro⁣ ⁣/ Stoney’s Bar & Patron⁣

Chicken Fight Fest Denver 2019 - Food and Drink Tasting Event

We had our own personal “Colonel Sanders” wandering around for photo opps and several bands playing at opposing stages all night long. Denver native Buckstein was the headliner, who is a great mixture of rock and country music.

Chicken Fight Fest Denver 2019 - Food and Drink Tasting Event

I am embarrassed to say I didn’t note down which restaurant was my favorite (there might have been some beer at play) but we definitely love the variety of ways we saw chicken prepared. The crew and I had a great time and we are already looking forward to next year!

Chicken Fight Fest Denver 2019 - Food and Drink Tasting Event

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